May 20, 2002 Message from the SUP National Executive Committee

We hope you are continuing to stay well and that you and your family are continuing to be blessed.There are several items of note to report to you.  It is with thankful hearts that we report to you that Brad Clayton is fully recovered from his bout with COVID-19.

Some of the members were paying attention to the last newsletter when we asked that if you have moved to a new address to please report that address to our national office.  Thank you to those who followed through and provided your new addresses.

We are thrilled to report that two of the members of the Cedar City Chapter have been called into the Cedar City Temple Presidency.  Larry Brough has been called as President.  President Brough has held many church callings including Enoch Stake President, Kentucky, Louisville Mission President and now Cedar City Temple President.  President Brough was in charge of the arrangements for the Cedar City National Encampment two years ago.  He is still a member of the Chapter Board serving as chairmen over the chapter pot luck lunches and dinners.

The second councilor is President Dale Orton.  President Orton was a counselor in the Cedar City Utah Stake Presidency for nine years, stake president for nine years and is serving until the end of June as Mission President of the Oregon, Eugene Mission.  President Orton was the president-elect of the Cedar City Chapter when he was called to be mission president and had to relinquish the opportunity to be Chapter President.  Congratulations to both President Brough and President Orton.

At Tuesday’s Board meeting some changes were made of which you need to be aware.  Bob Folkman, at his request, was by unanimous vote released as Public Relations Director on the National Board.  Bob will, thankfully, continue to serve as one of our lead editors for the Pioneer Magazine.  Bob is a past National President and he has served on the National Board for at least twelve years.

We also voted unanimously to release LaRon Taylor as Pioneer Stories Director where he has served well for several years and we voted David Hinton to the Board as the new Pioneer Stories Director.  Thanks to both LaRon and David; LaRon for his and David for his willingness to serve.  LaRon will continue in his current capacity as an AVP.

By-laws are changed by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Council and a two-thirds vote of the Area Vice-presidents.  Two-weeks ago proposals were sent to Board Members as required by the charter and by-laws.  Yesterday the changes were voted on and passed.  The changes to Article 8 are as follows:  Section 8.0 Election of National Officer(s).  The National Society of the Sons of Utah Pioneers shall conduct an annual election to choose a president-elect to serve as a member of the National Executive Council for three years, progressing annually from president-elect, to president, and from president to past-president.  The nominations and elections will be conducted in full compliance with the procedures and policies as specified in this Article 8.

Section 8.0.1   Postponement of Annual Election.  Should unusual conditions exist, an Area Vice President may, at least thirty days prior to the official commencement of voting as required in Section 8.5, make a motion to the National Board that the national election be postponed for one year, and that the current members of the Executive Council continue in their respective positions until the next election.  A two-thirds majority of the National Board, comprised of the Area Vice Presidents and Executive Council, is required to approve this motion.  Members of the Executive Council may not make or second the motion for postponement.

Section 8.0.2 Veto of Postponement.  The National President shall have the extraordinary right for fifteen days to veto the approval of a postponement.

No other changes to Article 8 as presently written are required.

As you already knew from all the cancellations and changes that have been made, this has been a busy year, but not in the way we wanted or anticipated it to be.   We are grateful for your patience and understanding.   We received word Tuesday that all special events at This Is the Place State Park have been cancelled for this year, which means that SUPer-DUPer Day that was scheduled for July 20 is cancelled.  President Oaks, our scheduled speaker has tentatively agreed to be the devotional for next year’s SUPer-DUPer Day.

Earlier you were notified that the Vision Trek is postponed until 2021.  Some have requested return of down payments.  Many have not.  Due to Book Keeping issues, the Board voted to set June 15 as the cut off date for requesting a return.  For those who do not request a return your deposit will be retained and applied to next year’s Vision Trek.  If an emergency arises after June 15th and you have not requested a return by June 15th, we will make returns, in those situation, upon a legitimate request.

After all of this, the election for president-elect is going forward.  Nominations can still be submitted until May 31.  There are some well qualified people that we hope you will not just consider, but that you will nominate.

Another reminder of the National Encampment to be held September 17-19 at Rexburg.  We will continue to remind you of this great opportunity for fun, great meals, wonderful entertainment, and the opportunity to be a part of the business meeting, of swearing in of new officers, and gaining new knowledge and new friendships.  We look forward to seeing you in Rexburg and hope you are as excited as the Executive Council and National Board are for this Encampment.

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