May 13, 2020 Message from SUP

Another week of being careful and social distancing has come and gone.  We pray that each week will see improvements toward a return to much more normal conditions.   Hopefully, you are all doing what is necessary to protect yourself from .  Our prayers continue to go out for blessings for our first responders, our health care providers and for all SUP members and families.

We solicit Your prayers for our president-elect, Brad Clayton.  On May 1st he began experiencing symptoms of .  For several days he ran a temperature of 103 degrees and over five days he lost 20 pounds.   Fortunately, his respiratory system has not been seriously impaired so he has not been hospitalized, but at first, he thought he was going to die and then for a couple of days he hoped he would die.  Good luck Brad and get well soon.  Our prayers are with you and anyone else affected by this terrible virus.   If you are aware of members who have COVID-19, please let us know so we can add prayers for them individually by name.

For anyone who has missed the announcement, , a great past National President, passed away.  The June 1 Trail Marker will have special tributes to Jim regarding his tremendous service to SUP as well as his service in so many other areas.  We look forward to sharing tributes for Jim with you.

Our plans for several special events for 2020 have been canceled, much to our dismay.  We continue to desire to stay in contact with our members and to have our AVPs and Chapter officers continue to keep you informed.  Chapter Board meetings should be held through tele conferencing, or through meetings on zoom or perhaps, held outside where you can maintain social distancing.  Please continue to send out monthly chapter newsletters.

You are reminded that unless we have addresses for members serving missions, they will not receive the Pioneer.  Members serving missions are given a leave of absence and do not pay National dues while on their missions.  When missionaries return home, the National Office needs to be informed so delivery of the Pioneer can be resumed in a timely manner.   The returning missionaries or chapter officers should contact the National Office as soon after the return as possible.  Also let us know of changes to members’ home addresses and changes in contact information.

You are reminded that nominations for president-elect will remain open until May 31.  Your nominations are invited.

The is still scheduled for September 17-19 at Rexburg, Idaho.  Our contacts with the local Arrangements Committee indicate that you can expect a truly special Encampment.   Remember the registration cost is reduced until September 1.  Information is contained in each month’s Trail Marker including motels where you can make reservations.  We truly hope for a near record turn-out.

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