Little Garway, England

Little Garway, England

This article first appeared in Pioneer Magazine, 2010 Vol.57 No.3

is a 1200 foot landmark in southwest Herefordshire England where some rich Latter-day Saint history unfolded. In 1840, James and Margaret Morgan joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and brought the faith to their home at Farm, on Garway Hill. baptized a number of converts and opened his home to the missionaries and teachers who crisscrossed the area from one place to the next. Little Garway became a base for the missionaries, not only in that area of England but in Wales as well.

Little Garway, EnglandOne of those missionaries, , kept a detailed journal of his activities in the area. From him we get an understanding of early Church activity that otherwise would have been lost. In the farm’s home is a rock fireplace that helped dry out from a drenching rain. Elder Woodruff recorded his time at Little Garway in his journal. There is a tradition that the fireplaces in the Little Garway home inspired Wilford Woodruff to put one in every room of his still extant home at Nauvoo, Illinois.

The Garway Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized on April 6, 1841. Records show as many as 197 Saints being members of that conference. Meetings of the Garway Conference were held in the home, commonly called “The Kitchen.” Wilford Woodruff attended meetings and preached there when he passed through in 1841. James Palmer, who baptized over 100 persons on his missions in the region, notes in his journal that he stayed at the home on a number of occasions. He ate, slept, and preached there, participated in meetings, and confirmed those recently baptized members of the Church

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