June 24, 2020 Message from the SUP National Executive Committee

On June 10th the Nominating committee completed interviews of prospective candidates for President-elect of the National Society of Sons of Utah Pioneers.  The two candidates selected are John Clayton and Larry Gibson.  Hopefully, you saw their pictures and read their bios in last week’s Newsletter.  As you are becoming acquainted with our two great candidates, please continue to follow their campaigns so you will be well prepared to vote when you receive a ballot after August 1.

If we accept the definition of a pioneer as “one who goes before to prepare or open the way for others to follow,” then we are all pioneers today as we deal with the current pandemic.  We are of the first generation of members of the National Society of Sons of Utah Pioneers to deal with so much disappointment caused by cancellation of so many events.  Since the first of March we have seen cancellation of the National Symposium, the National Trek, the SUPer-DUPer Day at This Is the Place State Park, the Sunrise Service of July 24 at Temple Square, the Days of ’47 Parade, and last, but not least, the National Encampment.

Through the technology of zoom we have continued to hold National Executive Council Meetings and National Board Meetings, as well as Finance Committee and Editorial Board meetings and Past-presidents’ councils.   Last Wednesday we held a joint Chapter Presidents’ and National Board Meeting.  We deeply appreciate all Chapters which were represented by Chapter Presidents or a designee.  We were fortunate to have our SUP National Legal Counsel, Randall MacKey, present to explain that we need to continue to be cautious and to remind us of our legal responsibilities for our members who may attend one of the chapter events and be stricken with COVID-19 as a result of attendance.  Just today health officials have proposed that some areas that have gone to yellow, need to return to orange due to the spike in COVID cases since June 1.

The counsel of the National Executive Council is that you postpone chapter activities until we see the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through our Prophets, seers and revelators, advising that it is safe for older gentlemen to assemble.  Remember anyone over 65 years of age has been counseled to stay home from those wards which are holding, on a limited basis, sacrament meetings.

We also had Derek Rowley, the webmaster over SUP-online with us via zoom on Wednesday.  There has been some misunderstanding about the SUP-online site.  Membership is free the first year for dues paying SUP members and after the first-year membership for SUP members is one dollar a month or $12.00 per year.  Derek has put on the SUP-online site a new opportunity for you to register as a SUP member.  This is a great opportunity. You are encouraged to take advantage of this privilege and courtesy which Derek has offered.

We are grateful for the patience you have shown as we have had to make so many adjustments, for your sacrifices and for staying in touch through the weekly newsletters, the Trail Marker, the Pioneer and through the AVPs and Chapter Boards.  You are urged to study, to keep your faith in SUP’s goals and objectives and to be determined to help us to maintain membership and to adjust budgets to keep our society financially solvent.  Our membership has actually increased some Since the beginning of March.  We hope new members are finding value in their membership.  We promise to return to a full agenda of activities once it becomes possible.

In closing, I call your attention to Section 98 of the Doctrine and Covenants received by the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. on August 6, 1833 at Kirtland, Ohio under even more challenging circumstances than we face. (98:1) …”Fear not, rejoice evermore, and in everything give thanks. “ (98:2) “Waiting patiently on the Lord, for your prayers have entered into the ear of the Lord…” (98:3) … “and all things wherewith you have been afflicted shall work together for your good….”(98:11) …”forsake all evil and cleave unto all good, that ye shall live by every word which procedeth forth out of the mouth of God.” (98:22) …”if ye observe to do whatsoever I command you, I, the Lord, will turn away all wrath and indignation from you, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against you.” (98:30)  …”Thou shalt be rewarded for thy righteousness….”  This prophetic counsel applied in 1833 and it applies today in 2020.

Have a great rewarding week of faith, determination and study.

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