June 17, 2020 Message from the National Executive Committee

On Wednesday 10 June the Nominating Committee met under the direction of the committee chairman, Tony Tidwell, to interview candidates for President-elect.  Members are to be congratulated and thanked for the excellent candidates that you nominated.  We also thank those who were nominated for agreeing to be interviewed and to run for office if selected.  As you know, this is a three-year commitment and they were all busy and accomplished men.  Tony and the Nominating Committee are to be thanked and praised for the fine work they contributed to this important process.

The Nominating Committee chose as the finalist candidates for the office of president-elect, John Clayton and Larry Gibson.  The more you are acquainted with these two good men, the more enlightened choices you should be able to make.  There is no way the membership can lose in this election; these two men will each, if elected, be outstanding in the they render to SUP.

The July 1st Trail Marker will provide additional information about our candidates as they commence their campaigns for president-elect.  On August 1st ballots will be mailed to the dues-paying membership.

In the May National Board Meeting, David Hinton was chosen to replace LaRon Taylor as the Pioneer director to receive, review and provide Pioneer stores for the monthly Trail Marker.  You should submit your stories to David at his email address, dthinton@dreamwire.net.  We are grateful to David for accepting this assignment and encourage you to submit the stories you have researched and written during this COVID-19 downtime when we have not been able to meet in our chapters and national has had to cancel so many important, quality events.  If you have dreamed of being a published author, now is your chance.  The Trail Marker becomes a permanent item retained in the National Library.

Important information is being shared this evening with the National Board and with Chapter Presidents or their designees via zoom.  The Chapter Presidents are encouraged to share with the membership of each chapter by newsletter, or other means, the pertinent information they receive tonight.

On June 15th the Idaho Encampment Committee met and voted unanimously that because of the uncertainties caused by COVID-19 including: the demographics of our membership, some of the destinations for the treks remaining closed, cancelling because they cannot practice, some vendors remaining closed, the October Semi-annual Conference being a virtual conference, the status of Church attendance, temples remaining closed, the LDS Stake Center Building remaining closed to large gatherings and uncertainties regarding attendance; that the Encampment be postponed until 2021.  This is a correct and wise decision and the fact that the decision was made early is to be applauded.  The National Officers completely agree with the Encampment Committee’s decision.

Have a good week, stay well, remember your pioneer ancestors and prepare to more fully commemorate them, their and accomplishment in doing and sharing family research.

The National Executive Council

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