June 10, 2020 Message from the SUP National Executive Committee

is a non-partisan society.  Our goal is to live our lives so as to emulate the best traits of our faithful ancestors.  President Nelson recently reminded us that as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we stand for human dignity and oppose racism and prejudice in all its manifestations.

Given the of the dehumanizing violence and prejudice against Saints in Missouri and Illinois, we, of all people, should be most empathetic to those suffering from racial injustice and respond in of justice for all because we understand the consequences of persecution and injustice based on race, creed, religion or gender.   President Nelson reminded us that we must each abandon attitudes of prejudice against any of God’s children.  May we each examine our life to make sure we love everyone.

President Nelson also instructed us that illegal acts of violence, looting, vandalizing and destruction of property cannot be justified or tolerated.  We have been given wise council by a living prophet.

Today at National Headquarters, the nominations committee is interviewing candidates to run for president-elect of the National Society of Sons of Utah Pioneers.   In doing so, they are maintaining social distancing and wearing masks.  We hope all of our members are also being careful.  We anticipate Next week’s newsletter will carry photographs and biographical sketches of our two finalists.  That being the case, we will not feature a pioneer story next week.  In a usual year the candidates would have been announced in the June 1st. issue of the Trail Marker.   As we are already past that date, we have chosen to make the announcement in the weekly newsletter rather than wait for the July Trail Marker.  The next Trail   Marker issue will, however, carry further information about our candidates.

As you should know by now, the First Presidency has announced that October Conference will again, as in April, be a virtual conference with no congregation.  That, of course, signals us to be careful and proactive in our chapter actives over the next few months.  Please continue to maintain contact with your membership, but maintain social distancing.  We are still hopeful of holding the National Encampment September 17-19 at Rexburg.  Continue to plan to attend and enjoy a great encampment.

Chapter Boards and AVPs, there is a long-standing rule in SUP that we not schedule chapter events over Nationally scheduled events.  We give reminders annual of this expectation and policy.  We note that there continue to be violations and we admonish you to reconsider events scheduled during the National Encampment scheduled for September 17-19, .  The National calendar goes to AVPs and chapter officers in October and November of the preceding year so please plan accordingly.

Chapter Presidents and AVPs are reminded of the June 17th zoom meeting.  It begins at 6:00 p.m. and will provide some important information and instruction for all of us.  Please make sure that all chapters are represented.   If a chapter president cannot attend, please make sure someone from your executive council is designated to represent your chapter.

The first of two Utah County issues of the Pioneer is moving rapidly toward publication.   It may be ready for mailing by July 1.  We are so grateful to our editorial board and the authors for their great work in preparing this issue.  The third quarter issue will feature other community histories of Utah County.

Have a great week and stay well.  Keep Keith Van Roosendaal in your prayers.  He deserves all blessings that may come to him through our and prayers.

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