July 1, 2020 Message from the SUP National Executive Committee

It is with heartfelt sadness that we report the passing of past-national President, Keith Van Rosendaal.  We draw your attention to the tribute written by past-president, Tony Tidwell in the July Trail Maker regarding the sterling qualities and the many contributions of Keith to the National Society of Sons of Utah Pioneers.  He will be greatly missed.

A week ago, we received a thought entitled “Something to Reflect Upon,” sent by David Hinton which was taken from a thought originally written, in part, by Verdell Hinton in a newsletter to the members of the Hurricane Valley Chapter in that chapter’s early days.  It is still worth reflecting upon.

What does it mean to belong to the Sons of the Utah Pioneers?  Stanley B. Kimball, historian, past president of the Mormon Trails Association and one deeply involved in the Nauvoo Restoration activities said, “It is a curious fact that the Saints who did not want to go West in the first place, were the most successful in doing so.  Whereas others who went for a new identity, adventure, furs, land and were often much less successful.

The unique Utah Pioneers were driven West for religious beliefs and for safety.  They were not concerned just with getting themselves safely settled, but in making the road easier for others to follow.  Furthermore, they transplanted a whole people, a whole culture, not just isolated, unrelated individuals.  They moved as villages on wheels and became the most systematic, organized, disciplined and successful pioneers in United States .”

We as their descendants should be no prouder of anything in our than that one or more of our ancestors “crossed the plains” as an L.D.S. Pioneer. Today we give them special honor and surround them with crowns of glory as we search out their history and remind ourselves of their great feats, tenacity and faith.

The most important honor societies in the Church are the Sons and Daughters of Utah Pioneers.  We have a great work to do to keep that heritage alive.  It will take more time and effort on our part to do so, but we should have what it takes to accomplish our goals—our Pioneer forebearers did!

President Ezra Taft Benson, in a speech given to the Sons of Utah Pioneers in Idaho said, “After the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the finest organization a man could belong to would be the Sons of Utah Pioneers.”

We appreciate all of our members throughout our great SUP organization and hope you are proud of your membership.  May we do all we can to honor our Pioneer ancestors by the lives we lead and the courage we display in meeting today’s challenges.

Unfortunately, after the June 17 zoom meeting with the Board and Chapter Presidents, someone hacked the roll call list sent by Pat, our National Secretary, to President, Wayne Hinton.  The hacker was performing what is referred to as phishing for money.  We are sincerely sorry for your falling victim to this regrettable scheme.  We hope no one was defrauded of any money.  It was bad enough that it took your time.  We also thank all who reported that there was an attempted scam taking place.

The Executive Council had been planning for a Leadership Retreat at Bear Lake for August 30- September 1 with the National Board Members.  Due to the COVID-19 spike, we are sorry to announce that planned event has been cancelled.  Board members please be aware of this change as you plan your August and September schedules.

The July Trail Marker will be emailed tomorrow, be sure to read about our candidates for president-elect, as well as other pertinent items contained therein.  Have another good week and stay well.

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