Joseph Smith Papers Roundtable: Salvation and Revelation as Communal Experiences

On Friday, September 18, , the Project held the fourth annual Joseph Smith Papers Conference. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the event was held online.

Presentations explore aspects of Joseph Smith’s interrelated worldviews, including race, politics, finance, and theology. Papers engage with themes found in volumes 10 and 11 of the Documents series of The Joseph Smith Papers.

Jordan T. Watkins, Brigham Young University

“Temporal Contexts and Eternal Connections in Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo Teachings”

received a PhD in American history from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His current book manuscript, Slavery and Sacred Texts: The Bible, the Constitution, and the Antebellum Confrontation with History, is under contract at Cambridge University Press. Before taking a job at Brigham Young University, he had the great privilege of working for the Joseph Smith Papers, where he contributed to volume 10 of the Documents series.

Jonathan A. Stapley, Independent Scholar

“The Liturgies of Connection”


is a historian and scientist. His book The Power of Godliness received the 2019 Best Book Award from the Mormon History Association.

Samuel M. Brown, University of Utah

“Collaborative Revelation in the Early Restoration”

is an associate professor of medical ethics and humanities at the University of Utah and a physician scientist studying life-threatening infection. He has written several books. His latest book is Joseph Smith’s Translation (Oxford, 2020). His talk will be drawn from an intellectual biography of William Phelps, to be published by University of Illinois Press.

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