Joseph was born 10 April, 1843, in Parma, Cayahoga, Ohio. He died 25 July, 1921, in Rockland, Power, Idaho, where he was buried 27 July, 1921.

He was the first son born to Jude Allen, son of Andrew Allen and Eunice Miner, and Mary Ann Nicholas, daughter of Jesse Nicholas and Mary small.


Lucinda Drucilla Lasley

Joseph married Lucinda Drucilla Lasley, daughter of John Welton Lasley and Elizabeth White, 11 Feb 1867, in Calls Fort, Box Elder, Utah. She was born 18 Nov 1850 in Pottowattamie Co., Iowa. She died 31 May 1937, in American Falls, Power, Idaho, and was buried in Rockland, Power, Idaho, 3 June, 1937.


  1. Emily Mariah Allen was born 21 July 1868 in Calls Fort, Box Elder, Utah. She married Augustus Waldamer Thompson 30 Dec 1886. She died 3 Sep 1933 in Power Co., Idaho.
  2. Joseph Jasper Allen was born 9 Apr 1870 in Calls Fort, Box Elder, Utah, and died 3 Aug 1871 in calls Fort, Box Elder, Utah.
  3. Jude Welton Allen was born 13 Nov 1871 in Calls Fort, Box Elder, Utah. He married Betsy Ann Osterhout 26 Feb 1892 in Elba, Cassia, Idaho. He died 9 May 1919 in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho.
  4. Charles Warren Allen was born 2 Feb 1873 in Calls Fort, Box Elder, Utah. He married Lucy Aldous (widow of Mr John) 24 June 1918. He died 11 July 1927 in Rockland, Power, Idaho.
  5. Elizabeth Deseret Allen was born 8 Jan 1875 in Calls Fort, Box Elder, Utah. She married Edwin ‘Ted’ Budge 26 Oct 1895 in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho. She died 16 July 1930 in Twin Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho.
  6. Gordon Allen was born 22 Oct 1876 in Calls Fort, Box Elder, Utah. He died 26 Oct 1876 in Calls Fort, Box Elder, Utah.
  7. Harriett Louisa Allen was born 24 September 1878 in Logan, Cache, Utah. She married Charles Henry Walker 11 Feb 1896 in Rockland, Oneida, Idaho. She married Isaac Thorne Jr. 27 May 1909. She died 12 June 1955 in Pullman, Whitman, Washington.
  8. Rosalie Elvira Allen was born 8 June 1880 in Calls Fort, Box Elder, Utah. She married Joseph Frederick Walker 10 Sep 1900 in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho. She died 18 Sep 1922 in Rockland, Power, Idaho.
  9. Andrew Allen was born 24 Sep 1883 in Rockland, Oneida, Idaho. He married Rosanna Ina Peck 8 Apr 1908 in Lava Hot Springs, Bannock, Idaho. He died 29 Aug 1958 in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho.
  10. Martha Lucinda Allen was born 30 Jan 1887 in Rockland, Oneida, Idaho. Married John Willard Potter 30 Oct 1907 in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho. Died 29 July 1960 in Downey, Bannock, Idaho.
  11. Martin William Allen was born 10 Sep 1888 in Rockland, Oneida, Idaho. He married Ella Elizabeth Pilkington 4 June 1908 in Honeyville, Box Elder, Utah. He died 5 Dec 1950 in Ogden, Weber, Utah.
  12. Heber John Allen was born 5 Sep 1890 in Rockland, Oneida, Idaho. He married Mary Alice Galbraith about 1919. He later married Ethel. He died 21 Jan 1957 in California.
  13. Frank Lasley Allen was born 12 Aug 1892 in Rockland, Oneida, Idaho. He married Hazel May Reese 3 Jan 1913 in Idaho. He died 12 March 1914 in Rockland, Power, Idaho.


Susan Amelia Perry

Joseph married Susan Amelia Perry (widow of Francis M Crawford), daughter of Henry E. Perry and Elizabeth Zabriskie, 9 Oct 1879 in Calls Fort, Box Elder, Utah. She was born 3 June 1849 in Pottowattamie Co., Iowa. She died 21 Feb 1925 in Perry, Box Elder, Utah.


  1. Isaac Thorne Allen was born 28 Aug 1880 in Calls Fort, Box Elder, utah. He married Laura May Davis 26 Jan 1910 in the Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake, Utah. He died 19 OCt 1951 in Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah.
  2. Inez Elizabeth Allen was born 20 Oct 1882 in Three Mile Creek (now Perry), Box Elder, Utah. She married Leo Larsen 25 June 1906. She later married George William Dicks 11 Feb 1918. She died June 1964 in Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah.

Joseph was the fourth child of twelve children born to Jude and Mary Ann Allen. Joseph was named after his uncle Joseph Nicholas, and his great-grandfather Joseph Small. He, along with his three older sisters, was born in Parma, Cuyahoga, Ohio. His parents were early converts to the LDS Church. His great-grandmother, Mary Camp Miner, was baptized in 1831. His grandmother, Eunice Miner Allen was baptized 15 April 1832, and his father was baptized in May 1832.

After his mother was baptized in 1843 they decided to move to Nauvoo. They moved with the Saints and joined the and moved westward to Fort Vermillion, Little Punca, Kanesville, Little Pigion, then across the Missouri near what is now Florence, Nebraska. In late 1848 they moved back across the Missouri to Pottowattami County where they remained for three years.

In early 1852, after moving around for eight years, the family joined THE to travel west. His grandmother Eunice, his uncle and aunt, Joseph and Nancy Allen Nicholas, his aunt Sarah Colton, and their families were all in the same COMPANY. Joseph, along with the other children, walked barefoot driving any cattle and sheep they had. This was probably an exciting time for a nine year old boy.

The wagon train finally arrived in Salt Lake City, 25 Sep 1852. They lived on the church farm, and worked for John Dalton for a short while before moving to Sessions Settlement, now Bountiful. They lived there until the year after his mother died. In 1861 they moved north to Calls Fort, Box Elder, Utah. His one sister Jane Stoker remained in Bountiful, as her husband was the Bishop.

Joseph was one of the Pioneer teamsters who went east to assist immigrants to come to Utah. He was also engaged in the freighting business. He hauled freight from Corinne, Box Elder, Utah to Montana and Idaho. Joseph took out his endowments, 22 April 1866, in the Endowment House. Joseph is listed as one of the Minute Men in Box Elder’s militia. The drill and parade grounds were located at Three Mile Creek.

In 1867 Joseph married Lucinda Drucilla Lasley, who had also been in THE BENJAMIN GARDNER COMPANY. They lived in Calls Fort for over 10 years. In 1878 they moved to Logan, where Joseph hauled rock for the Logan Temple. He hauled the first load of rock, and also one of the cornerstones. While Lucinda helped cook for the Box Elder Men.

When they moved back to Calls Fort, the bishop suggested that Joseph take another wife. Joseph and Lucinda were sealed in the Endowment House 9 Oct 1879, the same day that Joseph married Susan Amelia Perry in Calls Fort.

Joseph, Lucinda, and their family moved north to Rockcreek in 1881, where they settled on 160 acres. He was the first man to raise alfalfa in the valley. The Church had abandoned polygamy, so Susan Amelia moved to Perry to be near her family. Joseph always brought wagon loads of supplies to her and their two children. Their son Isaac was baptized by his grandfather Jude Allen in Calls Fort.

Joseph was always a big man, in every picture of him, he stands out because of his height. He died in Rockland, at the age of 78, and was buried in the Rockland Cemetery. They had lived in Rockcreek (Rockland) for 40 years, and he still owned 42 acres of the original homestead when he died. He was the father of fifteen children, thirteen of them living to adulthood.

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