Born: 28 June 1808, Middletown, Swatara Twp, Dauphin, Penn.

Died: 28 Oct 1883, Springville, Utah, Utah Entered Valley: 3 Oct 1852, 14th Wagon Co., Capt John B. Walker

Parents: John Christopher and Catherine Heppick Alleman

Married: Christean Stentz, 11 Dec 1832, Middletown Swatara Twp, Dauphin, Penn. Wife born: 28 Nov 1811 near Middletown Swatara Twp, Dauphin, Penn.

Wife died: 31 Oct 1886, Springville, Utah, Utah.

johnallemanJOHN ALLEMAN and his family arrived in Nauvoo in 1838 from with two wagons, ten and their household possessions. He bought farmland and built a brick home for his family. He assisted in building the Nauvoo Temple and served as a cavalryman in the Nauvoo Legion.

In the winter of 1846 when the church members were driven from their homes, they crossed the frozen Mississippi River with one team of horses and one of oxen, a few cows, and what household and goods could be placed in the two wagons. He and his family were part of a group, selected to remain at a way station to plant and prepare for church members who would follow. Eventually they journeyed to Winter Quarters. He served for a time at one of the stops between Nauvoo and Winter Quarters.

In the spring of 1852 they started for the Salt Lake Valley, arriving in October of that year. John brought with him to Utah, nuts and seeds for planting and always kept a beautiful and orderly yard and barn and furnished nuts and to everyone who desired them.


  1. Anna Catherine, B 27 Oct 1833 Pennsylvania, D 31 Mar 1852, Utah.
  2. Benjamin Jordan, B 27 Aug 1835, D 17 Mar, 1903.
  3. Susannah b. 29 Dec 1837, d. 26 Dec 1856.
  4. John, (twin) b. 15 Oct 1840, d. 9 Dec 1904.
  5. Christiana Mary (twin) b. 15 Oct 1840, d. 27 Apr 1888.
  6. Daniel Joseph, b. 25 Sep 1843, d. 13 Oct 1898.
  7. Sarah Jane, b. 19 Feb 1847, d. 18 Aug 1920.
  8. Martha Elizabeth, b. 21 Dec 1849, d. 4 Jan 1936.
  9. James Hyrum, b. 6 Novv 1852, d. 4 Jan 1924
  10. William David, b. 7 Apr 1855, d. 18 Nov 1886

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