James Anderson Allred (1819-1904)

James Anderson Allred was born November 22, 1819 in Bedford, Tennessee, the third child of William Allred and Sarah Ann Warren.

Upon the death of James’ father in 1841, James Anderson Allred assumed the responsibility of supporting his mother and brothers and sisters. On January 30, 1844 James married Elizabeth Parkis.

Their first son Stephen Henry Allred was born January 17, 1846, in Pike Co., Iii. (Stephen is my great-grandfather and his daughter Hettie Florence Allred Pace is my grandmother ). James and Elizabeth also had a second son William who died at birth.

Early in the marriage of James and his wife they operated a stage coach inn, which was very successful and was located in Pike County, Ill,

After selling the business they invested their money into farm land, which value increased and became very profitable for them.

In 1853 the family moved to Fremont County, Iowa and obtained more valued farm land and eventually owned farms in several states and became financially independent.

James. finally made the decision to join the rest of his Latter-day-Saint family members in Utah. His wife and friends objected with his plan to leave Iowa but his wife finally agreed to accompany him to Salt Lake City, Utah, where she then joined the church.

James and his family arrived in Salt Lake City June 2, 1861 where he was ordained an Elder and was called by the church leaders to go to Sanpete County in May, 1865 to help develop that territory. Through the influence of his Allred relations and Apostle Orson Hyde he settled in what is now Spring City, Utah.

James engaged in farming and stock raising and during the Black Hawk Indian War lost a great deal of stock.

He became First Counselor to Bishop Frederick Olsen. (He was ordained a High Priest by his uncle James Allred, who was the Patriarch).  On Sept. 3, 1882 James was ordained a Bishop.

James was quite active in community affairs was the first Mayor of Spring City after its incorporation in 1870. On Nov. 5, 1878 he resigned to accept the position of Probate Judge. He also served on the board of County Commissioner. James helped organize the Spring City Co-op store and was manager for 29 years. He also served a mission for the LDS church.

Like others of the time he believed in and practiced plural marriage?. having three wives.

In 1874 he built one of the finest houses in Spring City, the house was two storms, the building materials had to be freighted in from Nephi, it is still standing today and is most attractive.

A physical description of James would be that he was approximately 6, tall, around 160 lbs, stood erect, had brown, hair, a beard, quite ambitious, was fairly we1thy for the time.

James passed away at the age of 84 in Spring City, Utah.

Children of 1st Wife:

  • STEPHEN HENRY, b. 17 Jan 1846, Pike Co., Illinois. Md. 1st, Hettie Frost, 10 Feb 1867. Md. 2nd, Joanna Bena Petersen, 19 Jun 1874.
  • WILLIAM, b. 19 Oct 1862. D. 19 Oct 1862 (stillborn), Salt Lake City, Utah.

Children 2nd wife:

  • MARY OPHELIA, b. 4 Jul 1868, Spring City, Utah. Md. 10 Sep 1891, George Sigried Backman. D. 2 Oct 1930, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • JAMES CARLOS, b. 23 Sep 1870, Spring City, Utah. Md. 26 Apr 1899, Ruth A. Justesen. D. 28 Jul 1919.
  • LOLA JANE, b. 6 Jan 1873, Spring City, Utah. Md 13 Nov 1895, John Frank Justesen. D. 26 Jan 1950.
  • JOSEPH DELOS, b. 1 Dec 1874, Spring City, Utah. Md 23
  • Jul…, Letitia Beckstrom. D. 22 Apr 1899.
  • MARTHA AMELIA, b. 24 Jun 1876, Spring City, Utah. Md 2 Apr 1897, James William Anderson. D. 1 Dec 1963.
  • JOHN ARTHUR, b. 30 May 1881, Spring City, Utah. Md 1st, 7 Jul 1909, Elva Clyde Larsen. Md 2nd 11 Nov 1932, Ruth Henderson.

Children of 3rd wife:

  • WILFORD MILTON, b. 22 Aug 1881, Spring City, Utah. Md 18 Jun, 1902 Virginia Acord D. 24 Aug. 1931
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