Help Needed with Bingham Canyon Monument

The National Monument Co-directors need your help with information on a restored monument in Salt Lake County.

The monument, UPTLA #114 was rescued from a land slide/cave-in at the Bingham Mine in 2012. It has since been restored at a newly constructed site of the Visitor’s Center. This monument and plaque memorialize Erastus Bingham and sons, Sanford and Thomas, who were 1847 Utah pioneers.

In 1848 they took up grazing land in the vicinity of what is now called Bingham Canyon for private herds and later as a community enterprise. They build a small cabin at the mouth of the canyon, where Sanford, his bride Martha Ann Lewis, and Thomas, a member of the Mormon Battalion, made their home.

By accident they discovered mineral-bearing rock which led to some promising prospecting. However, after being advised by  Brigham Young that production of food for the settlers and the thousands who were coming was more urgent than mining, the Bingham family abandoned prospecting and  moved to the Ogden area in 1850.

We need help with obtaining current pictures of the location of the restored monument at the Kennecott  Visitor’s Center showing its general location, a picture of the monument with the plaque, and a close-up picture  of the plaque.

Additionally, to complete our record of  the restored monument, we need the GPS location of the  monument.

Please comment below, or forward your pictures and information to the SUP National Monument Co-directors:

  • Mark Walker –
  • Stewart Radmall –

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