Facts about Saltair

(1883) –  (1957)

  • Built by Salt Lake capital and Salt Lake workmen.
  • Style of architecture: Moorish.
  • Total cost: $600,000.
  • Built on the waters of Great Salt Lake, 4,000 feet from shore and resting on 5,000 ten-inch piling.
  • Total length of buildings: 1,500 feet. Total width of buildings: 450 feet. Height from water to top of main tower: 130 feet.
  • Size of two great lunch and refreshment pavilions: 141 x 252 feet and 100 x 200 feet. Size of dancing floor: 140 x 250 feet – largest in the world.
  • 1,200 private dressing rooms, each provided with shower.
  • Auto speedway, 30 minutes from Salt Lake City to Pavilion.
  • Great Ship Cafe, largest dining room in the west. 1,000 at sitting. Cost: $30,000.
  • Hippodrome, magnificent roller skating palace. 184 x 258 feet. Cost: $50,000.
  • Bathing, finest and most unique in the world; water being 22% solids, impossible to sink.
  • Giant Roller Coaster — most sensational amusement thriller in the west.
Saltair Grand Concert Program – 1919

This article originally appeared in the Jan/Feb 1971 issue of Pioneer Magazine

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