Elder and Sister Jeffrey R. Holland give tour of their hometown at 2021 RootsTech

Elder and Sister Jeffrey R. Holland on 2021 Connect Family Discovery Day give a tour of their hometown, St. George, Utah and give important spiritual advice.

“If you will be faithful and keep your covenants with the Lord, I promise you that every opportunity and every blessing enjoyed by others will be afforded you in the Lord’s divine timetable.” 

No matter when those future blessings are granted, “you are now — and you will be then — part of a family,” Elder Holland said.  

“Now hear me out on this crucial point: I promise you that it is [through] engaging in our personal family history, and the temple experience it leads to, that we discover the reality of our eternal relationship as brothers and sisters in the family of God. 

“That great realization can repair family rifts, if there be any. It can heal bruised hearts, if there be any. And it can unify otherwise strained relationships, if there be any — all in an undeniably powerful way. 

“If we understood this truth, how much better we would treat one another, how we would lift up hands that hang down and strengthen feeble knees. Let’s not just call each other ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ — let’s show one another what it means when we realize we are one big eternal family.”

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