Chad Orton’s Speech to the SUP Symposium: The Vanguard Company

Chad Orton is a Curator in the Historic Sites Division of the Church History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He has written on a number of topics relating to LDS History. His books include Joseph Smith’s America: His Life and Times; 40 Ways to Look at ; A New Approach to a Remarkable Man; and the The Journals of George Q. Cannon: Hawaiian Mission, 1850-1854. He has also published several articles in the Pioneer Magazine.

The following presentation was made April 23, 2022 st the SUP Symposium in Salt Lake City.

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It is good to be with you today to talk about a subject that’s somewhat near and dear to my heart, and that’s, of course, the pioneers. To be noted that if Brigham Young had his way before he left Nauvoo for the westward trek, we would have celebrated the 170/5 anniversary of the arrival of the Latter Day Saint vendor company into the Salt Lake Valley last year. top of that, instead of the Utah State holiday being celebrated on July 24, which on average, is the hottest day of the year in Salt Lake City. We would be enjoying the parade and other festivities and the weather is normally cooler, most likely in early June. Why things didn’t work out its just white bringing didn’t have it this way. Is this the heart of the tale I’m going to tell today. The lesson to bring them to learn during the exodus is one that true LDS church leaders are still trying to teach otter Day Saints today. And you year and a half after the martyrdom of Joseph and Hiram. The Latter-Day Saints are facing an uncertain future. They had been ordered to leave Nauvoo by making 46 or face the consequences. As a result, Brigham had the overwhelming task of finding a new home for more than 10,000 residents. In an effort to both meet the deadline and to get an early start on establishing their new home. brigands concluded that Latter-Day Saints needed to begin living in Nauvoo in early 1846. While breaking down did not know where the saints would end up Joseph Smith and prophesied that they would become a mighty people in the midst of the Rocky Mountains. In the months leading up to the exodus of Brigham had gathered as much information about the Great Basin as possible, and had quote firmly comfortably that the Lord had in reserve a good place in the mountains that he would leave them to it. 

During this time, Brigham had seen the saints who hold the vision and knew he would recognize the location when he saw it. When written left Nalu in February 1846, bitter cold, he fully expected to lead a vendor company of approximately 300 men. Thank you that’s on my screen up there on this account the visit to their new home that year. His goal was to arrive early enough to grow crops that would help sustain the 1000s of Latter Day Saints, who had subsequently joined them before the year was out. In spite of being warned in the dream by Joseph Smith, not to be in too much of a hurry. brigands plan called for the company to leave long before most immigrants dared to begin their cross-country journey. He made this decision fully expecting the warmth to align himself with the saints action and open the way God will remove the elements and the Prince and power the air will be state he wrote at the time. However, rather than reaching the Great Basin and making 46, this company struggled to make it across by instead of spin taking for two weeks groups Missouri Rivers plan that journey just the camp of Israel more than four months. The delay in part was the result of heavy rains that caused streams and rivers to rise significantly above normal levels, and turning the rolling plains of southern Iowa into what was described it’s called a continuous cycle. I was mired in swollen rivers would have been less problematic if the advanced company had not been joined by upwards of 2000 others an unwieldy number that further slow their progress. Many of these things in life not news ahead of schedule because of fears regarding the church’s enemies, while others were simply anxious to get on the road, or to travel with the 12 during the type of uncertainty in a large number are unprepared for the journey. beginning February for thanking 46 members of the camp of Israel and others started gathering across this Mississippi River on the frozen banks at Sugar Creek about eight miles from Nauvoo rather than only a small company leaving this locations originally planned. In late February, this large company of nearly 2000 began the trek west after having spent upwards of four weeks afterwards in winter weather. Prior to leaving Sugar Creek friggin tried to implement the mantle organizational structure. It will not do to start off helter skelter without order and decorum he declared that the sheer size of this company was evidence that chaos was already winning today.


The Mormon trail across Iowa primaries followed by Native American trails and primitive territorial roads. Soon after beginning the journey, the company was forced to stop for 10 days because of rain. a month into the trick the company was only about 35 miles from Nauvoo. Were the two months after the first aid began leaving Nauvoo the company located locust Creek about 100 miles from well, locust Creek on August 15 40, maturely was a literal and spiritual low point, William Clayton and knew him of hope which he entitled initially entitled all as well, and subsequently, as we all know, became the beloved LPs and can be saints. A week later, the camp of Israel had barely winning its way halfway across Taiwan. brigands original plan was quickly unraveling and at the was to reach the same Promised Land that year, something needed to change. On April 24, Brigham directed the company to establish a settlement they called the Garden Grove where members that were slowing your progress could stop. For two weeks men’s light rails bill passes fences and bridges, dead whales and cleared mid plowed and planted fields in order to grow crops for themselves in the second wave the saints who are now starting to leave Nauvoo. When the company moved out in early May several 100 Latter Day Saints may remain behind the short distance later. And a last ditch attempt to speed the journey of preventing vast company until allow it to reach the Rocky Mountains. The company stopped for two more weeks beginning May a team to create a second settlement that they called Mount Pisco, here hundreds or a third term called Aveda and the hundreds word company members were ordered to stop. While we settled once reviews of necessity, if the advanced company was reached the valley Garden Grove mount Pisco with proof of blessing as it’ll become a home that year 200 For Latter Day Saints. Adding to brigands, frustration and anxiety was the fact that during this time, Latter Day Saints who have left mother who is originally planned in the spring, we’re now beginning to catch up with the Bandar company. They have basically covered in three weeks what it takes to Vanguard company nearly three months. Upon leaving now, it’s gone June 2, the significantly pared down camp of Israel found the roads dry ear and feet were readily available. As a result, the company was able to travel 90 miles and build dates, robbing what is now Council Bluffs, Iowa on June 13. When the advanced company finally reached the Missouri River, their energy supplies are largely Spanish. As a result, Brigham had to accept the fact that his goal of reaching the Great Basin that year would not be realized. The campaign was now forced to find a place to winter and try again the following here. In addition to these pioneers, the 1000s of Latter Day Saints who had also left Nobu, expecting their dream big and far away and the West also now needed a temporary home. Initially, the Latter Day Saints established the granting cabinet on the Iowa side of the Missouri for the lay of the land reaching the Great Basin but soon proved to be a blessing for the saints. In early July, Captain James Allen of the US Army arrived at the request of President James Polk traces the Italian of 500 Latter Day Saints to serve in the United States as war against Mexico. Given what they had endured in Missouri in Illinois and what they were then experiencing, the request, as you might imagine, was not generously joyously received. It was against my feelings against the feelings of my president. Henry Bigler low for Brigham, however, who had previously asked the government for a button for help. This request was an answer to prayer. This thing is from above, and it’s for our good, he declared brigands responsible for James’s brown to write surprises, we were the government’s demand, we were still more so to think our leaders would entertain for a moment, the idea of compliance learning with getting into the volunteer proved to be a hard sale. But after three weeks of heavy recruiting, members of the Mormon battalion began leaving the grand encampment on July 20.


Their service provided needed money that would help feed the saints during the winter and continue their journey who wants to follow in near Not surprisingly, brick and mortar declare that the ballad declared the battalion defeat both the temporal salvation of the church. Additionally, the oldest ports and sick sick of saints, who have remained at Napoli who were driven out by March and September, these refugees are forced to establish a Capital One across Mrs. Mississippi river without necessarily food or clothing. Because the Latter Day Saints had gotten was Brigham was able to organize the rest of the saints. A number of Latter Day Saints traveled back across Iowa, his sister brothers and sisters in need. In the midst of this experience and event of particular note took place on October night. Refugees and rescue workers were astonished to find the flocks of quail that descended on the camp. The miracle the quail is not only nourish the saints physically, but it also at that time likely nourished, spiritually evolved and learned what what had transpired, just as it continues to do Latter Day Saints today. By the fall of 1846, more than 7000 Latter Day Saints were in exile along the Missouri River, living in caves, wagons, makeshift levels and watch happens. Another 3000 were wandering under similar conditions further back along the trail, that these various locations many were sick or dying from malnutrition and exposure. And then number we’re experiencing a crisis of faith. The delays the disappointment of the saints not reaching the destination, along with the responsibility of overseeing the needs of the 1000s of saints scattered across liewood winter quarters, while at the same time having to make preparations for another immigration season, made the first months of winter quarter among the most difficult rhythms life. For the Latter Day Saints at this time, literally and figuratively, become stuck in the mud. The situation was beyond British natural abilities, and he needed wisdom on how to extricate the church. Although the physical toll and emotional stress of the journey across Iowa taken a toll on Brigham, it helped prepare him to receive the answers he needed at a time when they would be both welcomed and embraced. On January 14 , after months of worry counseling prayer, Megan received the solution he does really sought to move the work forward. On that day he received a revelation later canonized section 136 That would lay the foundation for both the successful 1847 Exodus and the subsequent establishment of science in the western wilderness. Most of the principles of revelation had been revealed to Joseph Smith or can be found in an ancient scripture in 1847. However, because these precepts are what together into one relation, and because Brigham was simultaneously being taught by the Spirit, the revelation became a pivotal moment for him in the church. As his action subsequently demonstrated, the message he took away from this revelatory process was a modern Israel, like ancient Israel had become lost in the wilderness, because they had not always embraced the word and will Lord. In short, Brigham come to understand the saints have not made as much progress as OpenDAP 46 Because they have not been doing things the Lord’s Way. haven’t received his earrings from the Lord, the revelation became a foundational document for Britain. It provided him a vision of what was required of the bladder, the Saints immediately went to work to try and implement the same vision into their hearts and minds. In addition to providing him the inspiration he needed to put the church back on track. The revelations serve as a powerful reminder to Brigham and to the saints, that because they were on the Lord’s errand, he did not expect him to carry out his work without this hill. While the revelation contains specific guidelines that would be at the heart of her Latinus immigrant companies were organized and would function. More importantly, they helped refocus breaking the letter and it seems, on the fact that they were a covenant people in part because of what they’ve experienced in another temple. It was a reminder that will personal salvation and the progress of the church we’re dependent upon Archimedes of the word willful Lord, and being on the covenant path.


The lessons of Brigham learned during this time look forced is influenced his actions as the American Moses, and were a major reason the Latter Day Saints undertook emigration in a manner different from other immigrants. The lessons he learned would also guide him in his role as American Joshua, overseeing the Latter Day Saints settlement of their promised land. First to the Lord declared that the Latter Day Saints were to continue their exodus with the covenant and promise to keep all the commandments and statutes the Lord our God. In verse four word, we will have the Lord state that this shall be our covenant, that we will walk and all the ordinances of the Lord. Shortly after establishing winter quarters, bring him home read that it was essential for the salvation of the church, to have a Vanguard company reached the Salt Lake Valley early enough in 1847, to begin growing crops. Following the revelation, this declaration stress if behavior was more essential for the salvation destiny of the Church and its member than location, his emphasis to the 1847 event or Academy was their duty extend beyond just blazing a trail that others would follow in the coming months and years. They also have the responsibility to see that the Mormon trail was in fact established along that covenant path. The word and will the Lord reminded the saints that their ultimate success is dependent upon hand. I am here with the children of Israel, land of Egypt, and my arms stretched out in the last day to save my people Israel. Besides making a direct tie between the Exodus and water in ancient Israel, the revelation provided the Latter Day Saints, the connection to the journey of the Book of Mormon prophets, Lehi and Nephi, during which the Lord declared, I will prepare the way before you if it’s helped me that you shall keep My commandments. Wherefore innocent he shall keep My commandments you shall be looked forward towards the promised land, and you shall know that it is by me that you are live. Section 136 is references to ordinances, covenants and obedience brought a new understanding from the renewed energy grid and fully embrace the fact that the Latter Day Saints not only have the responsibility to undertake a journey in a different manner, they also had the privilege to agree that was excess of 1847 Vanguard company was now less dependent upon vamps and wagons and supplies than upon company members aligning their efforts with the word we will award so it’s helped us catch people. Spirits spiritual preparation was now as important as physical preparation and personal behavior as personal property. Well, the saints will bring may have had concerns during its travel across Iowa as talented saints would succeed. He was certain volume, the revelation that they were striking to keep your countenance and listen according to the rear reveal first, they couldn’t sail. Even if they again got in circumstances beyond their control, bring them believing that they could find the Lord to help them because their faithfulness. Brigham called the Vanguard company today expected them, quote, to go in such a manner as to claim the blessings of failure. Although shortage of food had been an issue in 1846, in 1847, Brigham believed the saints that if the saints were striving to fulfill their part of their covenants, food and supplies may not be a primary concern. Within days of receiving the Revelation, He or the publicly proclaimed that he quote, had not sufficient for the journey, but he had no more doubts or fears of going to the mountains and felt as much security as if you possess the treasures of the East. His attitude, his new job is reflected in his instructions to company members. He told them that they will only take 100 pounds of provisions per person into the wilderness, that would be sufficient, believing that it could rain man on the plane to America, just as easy as it could around the Arabian Peninsula. Brigham told members of the company that he wanted all to stay at winter quarters, who had not the fate to go with that amount


as he had the previous year. In 1847, Brigham chosen Vanguard companies were established to drill to the Rocky Mountains, while others would also travel the trail in 1847, unlike an 1846, and they would travel behind the gap of Israel, not with them. In early 1847, members of the Vanguard company began yelling at the random location on the banks of the Elkhorn River, about 20 miles west of winter fortress because they were in the camp of Israel. Rick may have purposely chosen 144 men for the journey 12 Men representing each of the 12 tribes of Israel, but we don’t know how he arrived at that number. What we do know is the final makeup company that left the Elkhorn vary a bit from that number One of the 144 drop down to the Elkhorn citing illness as a reason, leaving the company’s make out of 143 bn, of whom three were black, and five were not Latter Day Saints, three women and two children. On April 16, the vendor company was officially organized in the hundreds 50s and 10s. The following day, Saturday, April 17, the camp of Israel started out. In addition to implementing the company’s organization, Reagan specified the order for traveling and camping. Among the rules, individuals were to retire by 9pm and the vehicle as a vehicle would sound at 5am in order for the company to begin today’s journey by 7am. Like other immigrant companies heading less, the camp of Israel followed the pipe river for more than 300 miles, while the White River Valley provided a favorable wagon route. The Platte River itself was much to be desired, the water was silty in bad tasting. Consequently, the Platte was described as a river that flowed upside down and as we include them to flower and toothache for drink. While the plaque can be used if no other water was available, immigrant companies sign up camping spots, near springs or streams that drain to the plant. We continue the journey. Brigham made a significant decision that the loop rivers rather than traveling with other companies on the established Oregon trail that crossed Nebraska, along the south side of the planet and North Platte rivers, the Vanguard company would now follow old furniture for trade traces along the north side of those years. This decision would require them to essentially create a new wagon trail, Brigham chose to travel the Northside in hopes of avoiding unpleasant a catalyst and former enemies and to avoid potential conflicts with other emergence over grazing, water access and campsite. While the vendor company would Blaze what became the primary trail for Latter Day Saints over the next two decades, Mormon trail will also become a favorite route for non Latter Day Saint Americans as well during that time, a month into the journey one of the best known tales of the Vanguard company occurred. During the first weeks of the trail, William Clayton, having determined that 360 Revolutions of he received Kimball’s wagon wheel equaled a while, have counted those revelations, with regularly numbered in the 1000s Each day, determine the distance they traveled. Having grown tired of this monotonous task. In present day western Nebraska, he approached Appleton Harmon, about building advice would use the wagon wheel to measure distance. On May 16, Carmen finished their odometer while Clayton and Heartland did not invent the odometer. Their technology technological innovation was a forerunner of today’s numbers. Now the Vanguard company had left a month later than originally planned. As a result, five weeks into the journey, some committee members expressed fears that they again might not reach their destination in time to grow crops. To these concerns, Brigham responded, Well suppose we do not. We have done all we could and traveled as fast as our teams are able to go and win we have done all we could, I feel as well satisfied. If we had 1000 acres planted with grain, the Lord would do the rest. Rican speed would allow him to claim at that time, I have never felt clear in my, in my mind and on this journey, like peace is like the river between my god and myself.


A few days later, however, near the Electril landmark known in Scotts Bluff, Brigham now found himself frustrated. The excitement company members felt at the beginning of the journey had now been tempered by the reality of cold nights windswept prairies challenging river crossings and days filled with logged monotonous travel is one day robots in the next the behavior that some company members began to exhibit cause dragon to conclude that they were forgetting their mission. On May 28, he called the company together and after reading the word world for them the player quote, I am constrained by the Spirit to say you accept you repent and humble yourself before the board. You shall not have power to accomplish your mission while your hearts are far from him. He then told the company that he would rather quote travel attend righteous men who would keep the commandments of God Often the whole camp while in a careless manner, and forgetting God. According to William Clayton, the meeting served its purpose. Excuse me, we again proceed our journey and it truly seemed as though the cloud had burst, and we had emerged into a new element, a new atmosphere and a new society. On June 1 1846, the brigands June 1 brigands 46th birthday, the company reached for layer making camp across the fourth cramped across the river from the fork. This important resting the reprovision point for those traveling the trail was a certain first civilization that the company had encountered since leaving the Missouri. I’d be noticed that the company at the time before it had another significance for them, and the Latter Day Saints would subsequently follow Mormon trail. Florida Laramie what’s the approximate halfway point between winter quarters in Salt Lake Valley the following day. Here’s a picture of the river before June 2 company leaders across North Platte River to visit before to learn what they could about the trailhead, and what they could about the Great Basin. individuals of the fort made note that the behavior that Vanguard company come in in that they were one of the best eight companies to ever have stopped it before. Well camp near Fort Laramie. Wilford Woodruff often reported that he washed his clothes for the first time since leaving winter quarters. The members of the bed guard company were not the first Latter Day Saints to reach Fort Laramie and even 47. Two weeks earlier, the Robert Elizabeth profoundly had the right fork. They have wandered up Pueblo with other Latter Day Saints including the Sikh detachment of the Mormon battalion, and a company of saints from Mississippi. They had started out in advance the saints many of whom had reached the Salt Lake Valley a few days after the Vanguard company. While the camp of Israel left Fort Laramie, it now included the crow family. On June 3, the North Bay portion of the Mormon trail ended at Fort where meekness the company crossed the North Platte River, and we began traveling on the south side of the river. At this point, the Mormon Pioneer Trail merged with the Oregon California trails. Because history trails are largely the same as Oregon trail across Wyoming. The Vanguard company began to rub shoulders with other immigrant companies on their journey. On June 12, meander company reached the last crossing of the planet, your modern day camps for about 100 miles from Fort Laramie. Here they remain until June 19. During this time, they establish what became known as more Verity. According to Thomas Bullock, President Young stripped himself and went to work with all this strain, and insisted in making the first rate white pine and white cotton wood raft. When they had finished using this new raft of three themselves across the white trust the white and swift moving river. There were 107 wagons from other companies all wanting to cross the river and willing to pay for the privilege to use that raft. To flour, bacon and other food supplies that these individuals pay to be ferried across the river were a blessing to the company, Wilford Woodruff concluded, it looked like a miracle to me to see our flour and mill bags replenished. The Lord has truly been with us on our journey as wonderfully blessed and preserved us. When the Vanguard company finally pushed on my man stay behind Jerome theory for the rest of the immigration season.

Upon leaving the North Platte to Kansas, Israel entered a 50 mile mile, nearly waterless stretch between the North Platte into the water rivers near independence rock. The Immigrant Trail connected with the sweet water, which is its name suggests was everything the plant was not in terms of the quality of its water on June 21, and company reach independent frog, one of the drills best known and meant most anticipated with landmarks for those traveling to California. For those traveling to California or Oregon, their goal was to reach into man and rock in early July to ensure that they made their destination before snow fill. The company briefly stopped at this location with several members of the company climbed to the top of this landmark. They continued on to Devil’s gate where they camped for the evening. Their campsite was likely to close to where fourth seventh open Sun Ranch was located today at noon. Mormon trailside marks Cove Vini viewed and visited that site for the next 100 miles and within slow the Sweetwater until they reach South Pass a natural passageway through the Rocky Mountains. On June 27. The company transferred the traverse South paths across the continental divide. The following day, June 28, the campus of Israel met famous mountain male Jim Bridger. Church leaders spent the remainder of the day and part of the next morning what they could from Berger about the Intermountain West would have reported that they found him to have a great knowledge of the region. Regarding the Salt Lake Valley, Bridger told them there was about one thing that could operate against the becoming a great country, and that would be that the valley was susceptible to frost all year round. As they were partying on June 29, Ranger again repeated his opinion that it would not be prudent to bring a great population in into the basin until it could be ascertained whether grade would grow or not. Brick answered pilots characteristic of this faith on the journey. I told him if he would wait a year to show him what what could be done. Upon reaching the valley, Graham told the Vanguard company that since God had directed them there, he would, quote, temper the elements of the good of His saints, and rebuked the frost and sterility of the soil and the land will become fruitful. On June 30, the company met Sam Brandon of the Green River. Brandon was the leader of a group of Latter Day Saints who itself in California making 46 on the chipper when it comes to persuade bring him to settle around the Bay Area, and spider bridges, warnings and brands glowing reports to the region bordering the Pacific, Brigham siliceous remain firmly in Salt Lake Valley. Brandon would have a chance to see the Valley for himself as he accompany the Vanguard company in the Salt Lake Valley before he returned to California. On July 4, the vendor candidate company again grew in size is 13 veterans and wonders that help overtook me to travel with the company into the valley. On July seventh and camp of Israel reach for printer near the floor, the Mormon trail would separate from the Oregon and California trails. Instead of joining the Netherlands who went north from the fort to reach Oregon and California. On July 9, the camp of Israel traveled southwest following the trail used by the dungaree party the previous year. Soon afterwards, near the needles the proper rock formation close to the Utah Wyoming border, bringing them and other members of the Vanguard company to do what with what was likely Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. At this point on July 13, Britain split the Vanguard company into three groups or some prep, prep lead advanced party that will stay ahead and make necessary improvements to the trail. The main body also moved out but at a slower pace while Brigham and others including those six are female, stay behind jurist after traveling down Echo Canyon the route is the Donner company created into the Salt Lake Valley, the one that Vanguard company would follow went west from present day Hannaford over what came to be known as Big Mountain. Although dwarfed by the surrounding Wasatch Mountain peaks at 8400 feet, it was the highest point on the Mormon trail.


Taking this route, the Donner party had been forced to spend 80 days carving out a new lane road. Before the daughters reached mountain emigration Canyon. However, they decided to quit hacking their way through the Russian trees, and instead travel over what is now known as Donner’s Hill. Unfortunately, the steepness of the hill Drake had its own challenges, and the decision likely caused more delays and they’ve continued cutting around to the canyon. The work done by the Donner party both contributed to historic tracking, fulfill them that fall. But it also allowed the Vanguard company to reach the valley earlier than they would have done otherwise. When the man’s company in the camp of Israel reached the mouth of imbrication Canyon, rather than traveling over dominance Hill, they chose to kind of path through the trees and brush. This effort only required about four hours and thus the completed a wagon road from winter quarters into the Salt Lake Valley that would be used for years. On July 21, Orson Pratt and grasses snow became the first of the Vanguard company in the Salt Lake Valley, proud moment that they could not refrain from the challenge really, which almost involved Totally escaped from our lips. The moment was grand and lovely scenery was within our view. The following day, July 22, the majority of Benford company reached the belly. As they gaze at the scene before them from the bench near this is the place Heritage Park. Thomas Bullock noted, a very extensive belly burst upon review. Got it in three or four places with timber. Bullock’s feelings upon seeing the Latter Day Saints promised land were similar to crab and snows. I could not help you out either rah rah rah. There’s my home that last. That night the man dark company camp near present day 50s and 17 cell recomend cope with company members that that if they went north after entering the valley, they would find a nice stream of water. On July 23, the company moved about two miles north of the original campsite, the location today being between third and forsale and mainland State Streets, where they began to plant potatoes and other crops according to Britain’s instructions. Years later, snow still marveled and helped brother briggen to direct them to that spot. On July 24, the nearly 18 month Odyssey of the Vanguard MD came to an end when Brigham Young and the 32 others traveling with him entered the valley. We gauge the wonder and admiration upon the route fast rich about fertile valley. Our hearts are surely made flat after a hard journey, Wilford Woodruff. He also noted that President Yang expressed his full satisfaction in the appearance of the valley as rescue plates for the saints, and had been athlete repaid for his journey. Later winters enforcement policy in the valley Brigham was in rapid innovation for several minutes before declaring this is the right place. For brigands, declaration is memorable today, for most members of the of the camp of Israel, it was largely anti climatic, since they already began to make the valley their home. Ultimately, the experiences of the 1847 defense companies stood in dramatic contrast to the previous years Jeremy Brigham largely attributed the difference in the Germany’s and what the Latter Day Saints are subsequently able to accomplish, and settle in the Great Basin to the Lord keeping his promise to the need and help them because of their efforts, although imperfect, to align their relatives and their willingness to let God prevail in their lives. While Britain received the answers he needed to get the church back on track at winter quarters. It was the Mormon trail that was The Proving Grounds. The lessons he learned during the exodus to Utah remain relevant the Light of Day Saints follow our journey may be different today the underlying principles remain the same. As they determine brigands the camp of Israel established the Mormon trail, when understood and contents experienced at the vanguard company is a powerful reminder, reminder that the Lord is willing and able to help those who struggle to stay on the government path. As Gordon B Hinckley has observed,


what a marvelous thing it is to have a great candidate. What a grand thing to tell that there are those who have gone before and laid out the wave we should walk, teach you those great internal principles that must be the guiding stars of our lives, and of those who came, who come after us. This year, we celebrate the beginnings of the successful Latter Day Saint immigration that brought nearly 70,000 individuals in Salt Lake Valley came in at 47 in 1868. Although Brigham has frequently been lauded for this remarkable library, sainted American success story, having learned an important lesson on the trail, he was quick to tell a different tale. Men Talk what about what has been accomplished in your mind and attribute it to my wisdom and ability, but it is all by the power of God by the intelligent received from him. On another occasion, he declared I did not devise a great scheme of the Lord’s opening the way to send his people who didn’t know it was the power of God they’re right about salvation whose people by never could have the bikes such a plan. If any of you have questions or comments, I’d be happy to entertain them at this point.


I have always wondered how they do the taxpayer. I mean, obviously, there was a great making the Sweetwater but When they got to a point where they were trying to decide who has done that trip before that they have mapped to that landmark, what were they using to make those decisions?


That’s a great question. We all hear that how would they know what map and follow throughout the journey, they would send scouts ahead to try to locate where the best route would be to travel, the best water, everything that they would need. And so that was one of the things at least after I left the Beatles, to the horse and practice group would do they would go ahead and come back and say, follow this route. So all the way through that they took turns, creatine, being the scouts for the for the advanced company, bring them may have taken more than his share of terms. This was something he was an outdoorsman. He relished in this. People come on, frequently throughout Britain, and be terminated without great question. I see another hand. Yes. They had Johnson, the question is that they had jobs even free months now. They had several months. They have free months, man, they have a hell of a good show. And they have relied somewhat upon free months math. They may in real life work on that. But when they met you, Bridger, he what’s a good way to say he wasn’t a fan of Fremont man, he told them that left a lot to be desired. But yes, they that was one of the maps they had used to get to that point that there. They did have, okay, she has been a singsnap the Donner party and making 46 exposing what was known as Hastings cut off. This is the same guy with things, pasting and created a Emerson’s right time, individuals that puts his way to California. This it goes to the Salt Lake Valley. The problem is, Hastings had never been to the Salt Lake Valley. He basically made this information up. I do believe they looked at it. But you know, there were other individuals that they didn’t have it. Other immigrant companies that you’ve met, who were also planning to take that route or change their mind? So it was published, it wasn’t the oval. They had asked to see it, but I don’t know how much they’ve used today. By answering your question


is the company experts have a lot of interaction or little black? Class?


That’s the question was did the LDS have interaction with these other groups. They tried to avoid it for for a lot of reasons, not the least of which they didn’t want conflicts over camping spots. There was a company from Missouri that basically the Vanguard company, like leapfrog went all the way across Wyoming. There’d be days where the the Missouri company would go forward and the saints would stay behind. And then let’s see the misery company stock and then go forward. So there was interaction with these with these companies, but for various reasons. When you’re on the trail, your your your your survival is dependent upon water upon camping spots, you normally tried to avoid other people as much as possible.


Yes. Was there any other companies besides the church that settled for now there was the question was Was there any other company that still in the solid gel and before that, apply that same smell? There was up in Oregon, at the mouth of what is we were counting miles Goodrick Pineridge figures? Good. I was gonna say that wrong. He hadn’t spent two trading books and he was trying to get into the effects. I didn’t mention that Miles good are here as the saints certainly after meeting Brandon and and Bridger, the company met miles a good year and he tried to persuade them to go to the to settle by his by his post that he had created the same set No, it looks like what he wants us to do is create a nice road for others to travel. We’re more interested in going to the to the solid Valley so we don’t naturally go here. First here is the first thing that the Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake were one way before he first came in. There was a lot And this information Yes. You know, part of the drawings, like three months did not have that. Totally clear. So there was a lot of confusion about that. So they came to discover, I think they discovered on the trail from for Granger that they were two separate, separate lights. But yeah, you read some of the things and said You may correct me in the counseling for 15 minutes where they talk about it this being 11111. It wasn’t.

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What was happening was Samuel Brennan showed up there, what happened to him?


Okay, the question is asked what has happened since it was running, it’s fairly clear that given the tracks of the Mississippi saints, and others that the Great Basin was where they needed to end up. And Senator Brown, when he got to California had been there for a year, he’d fallen in love with the weather and everything that California has to offer. And he was not anxious as we’re in a number of those, the company to come to Utah. And so I thought he saw it as a great way for them to maybe persuade, bring in the towel. And afterwards, Sam Brannan and others remained in California, they branded during the gold rush that took place a few years later will become is credited with becoming one of California’s first millionaires. I also was built quite a reputation as he was described as a scoundrel at that time and in in the later life where you basically died in California panic lesson that answered your question.

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Boy, growing up in Idaho, we were sort of taught that that the Great Basin in Salt Lake was sort of a revelatory experience. But your resuscitation seems like it’s more of a foregone conclusion from sort of back when they were in Iowa and so forth. This second part to that question is that growing up in Idaho, we also learned that Brigham Young actually said wasn’t, this is the right place, but that’s what he said was, before we go on to Idaho, let’s just hunker down that’s great. I was going to include with it No, good. I’ll start with the second one first. At the end of my slide, one of my favorite LDS cartoons, and it shows Brigham looking out over the valley and saying, if there ever was a hell on earth, this is the place and Wilford Woodruff next to him saying if you hear that Brigham says this is the place they haven’t looked at the Valley for you know, they did. They had focused upon this, but exactly where that vision Brigham had was not known for certain. So yes, there was the revelation had come like somebody’s revelation took an understanding of the closer they got, I think Brigham he doesn’t tell us how we keep it. No, I think he became more honed in on the Salt Lake Valley, the closer they got to Utah than it was before. And I think when he gets out over the valley, it was like, Wow, seriously this actually this is never bad. You know, as a child I remember being taught that there was one tree in the valley I think it was homeschooling pocket pockets of camber. So was that just a story at all?


Yeah, I’m not sure where that story originated. And for those of you who may know that there is a a plaque down there. By were supposedly that one tree was and I’ve seen recent explanation, say well, we didn’t say there was one tree developed. We just said there was one tree at this location. So anyway, I just told my time’s up right back here

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