The Sweetwater Rescue a PBS Epic A PBS Documentary Chronicling the Westward Migration of the Willie and Martin handcart Companies of 1856. sweetwater rescue is perhaps the most untold hardship and human sacrifice story in all of American western history. In this epic documentary the lives and sacrifices of hundreds of men and women will be told for the first […]

Utah Blacksmith makes Old Craft New Again Ragnar Forge specializes in hardware and historic reproductions. “Reproductive work is really rewarding for me,” Richardson says. And the quality of his replicas of ancient Viking and pioneer items speaks for itself. “Blacksmithing is a niche market,” Aaron Richardson says, “but there are those of us keeping the craft alive and passing it on […]

Floyd Garn Hatch Tribute floyd garn hatch (1918-2005) is paid tribute to by his brother, Joseph Hatch (as read by Richard Hale) with the use of photos, documents, and movies. Most of the music is courtesy of Kevin McLeod. This presentation was authored by Hale Video Services.

Survivor – A Pioneer Story Meet margaret dalglish … an incredible pioneer woman. Narration: Will Bagley Animation and Design: Ainsley Romero Creative and Technical Direction: Brent Barson Music:Wingman from Bytheway-may‍ Images: Used by permission, utah State Historical Society Mormon Trail, Scenery, South Pass P.2 Mormon Trek, Re-enacted P.9 Mormon Trail, Scenery, South Pass P.1 Parley’s Canyon, Approach to Mouth […]