An Introduction for RootsTech participants for the Sons of Utah Pioneers

Larry Gibson, the 2022 National President of the sons of utah pioneers introduces sup to rootstech participants, and others who share our love for preserving our pioneer heritage and values.  After watching his introduction, we invite you to also watch the presentation below. Kyle Anderson, a Chapter President explains how the spokes to the “Wagon […]

Discover the first preacher of the Book of Mormon

Solomon Chamberlin tom pettit, with his excellent Youtube channel, Stories of the Restoration, tells the brief story of Solomon Chamberlin.  solomon chamberlain preached the gospel before preaching the gospel was a thing. Additional Information from Wikipedia: Solomon Chamberlin (July 30, 1788 – 1862) holds notoriety in the early Latter Day Saint movement for being the first to evangelize […]

Pioneers in Petticoats

When Brigham Young creates the Young Women’s Retrenchment Society in 1869, the headstrong Abigail Harper is called as president in her rural community. Though bucking at the restrictions imposed upon her, she strives to serve well and fellowship and inactive girl. One night, when her parents are out of town, Abigail wears an immodest dress […]