Pipe Spring National Monument

In the mid 1800s, Mormon explorers pushed down through southern Utah across the state border to escape escalating hostility by the U.S. government towards their polygamist practices. The Church built a settlement and cattle ranch around Pipe Spring, which marginalized the Kaibab Paiutes by cutting off their water use. Overgrazing, along with increased drought, destroyed […]

Utah’s Jewish Pioneers

Mormons And Jews Got Along Okay In Early Days By Les Goates, Church Information Service This article originally appeared in the Jan-Feb 1972 edition of Pioneer Magazine Since American Jewry entered its tercentenary in 1950’s, a number of histories have seen the light of print on the Jews in the United States, both countrywide and […]

Lee’s Ferry

by Glen Hopkinson The cover of (the Spring 2013 issue of Pioneer Magazine, shown below) illustrates an incident that happened as the immigrants came to Lee’s Ferry and were faced with crossing the river. charles innes robson jr.—a grandson of the original Charles Innes Robson who was one of the four founders of Mesa, Arizona— […]