James Smithies Home

This article originally appeared in Pioneer Magazine, 2010 Vol.57 No.3 This home near bashall eaves (Barshe Lees) was once owned by James and Nancy Smithies. They were two of the earliest converts to the LDS church in england. The Smithies home was a center of religious activity for the Church.  There were conferences, ordinations, and […]

Children of Destiny

Emily Marie Crumpton-Deason presents on Clara Decker Young, Harriet Wheeler, and Ellen Sanders Kimball Emily works for the Church History Library for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the Pioneer Content Manager for the Church History Biographical Database. She graduated with a Master of Arts in History from Utah State University in […]

ROBERTS, Owen: Welsh Convert

On Friday, May 20th, they started on the railroad for St. Joseph,
Missouri where they arrived safely; from thence they proceeded on their way up the Missouri River on the steamboat “St. Mary”. Here they were treated roughly by the crew and others. They had no where to sleep or sit, but were almost constantly compelled to stand on their feet night and day until May 26th where they landed on the banks of the Missouri River below Florence, Nebraska at which place they lodged for a while so they could fit up their teams and baggage to cross the plains to the Rocky Mountains.

Facts about Saltair

(1883) –  (1957) Built by Salt Lake capital and Salt Lake workmen. Style of architecture: Moorish. Total cost: $600,000. Built on the waters of Great Salt Lake, 4,000 feet from shore and resting on 5,000 ten-inch piling. Total length of buildings: 1,500 feet. Total width of buildings: 450 feet. Height from water to top of […]

A Chronology of Important Events: May 1887

Complied by Andrew Jenson, Editor and Publisher of the “Historical Record” MAY Monday, May 2 George Naylor who had served his term of imprisonment in the Utah Penitentiary for unlawful cohabitation was set at liberty. Miles Williams, of North Point, Salt Lake Co., was arrested, and the following day placed under $1,500 bonds and held under […]

Dymock Parish Church

Just south of the Herefordshire area of england is the village of Dymock, Gloucestershire. During the second british mission, 1840–41, several individuals and events important in LDS history trace back to Dymock. thomas kington, once superintendent of the united brethren, lived there. His conversion to the Church led to the conversion of many others. His […]

Old Secret of Taming Horses

Undated clipping in files of the Alamo Library, Daughters of the Texas Revolution: A correspondent of the New York Express submits the following method of horse taming: For the oil of cumin the horse has an instinctive passion, and when the horse scents the odor he is instinctively drawn towards it. The oil of rhodium […]

Kimball – Whitney Cemetery

1/2 Block North of Temple Square, Just East of Conference Center, Salt Lake City A little over a week after arriving in the Salt Lake Valley, Church leaders were allotted property by President brigham young. Heber C. Kimball chose this block to the northeast of Temple Square. Newel K. Whitney claimed an adjacent property immediately […]

President’s Message for May 2022

May is a time when the sun is warming, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and hopefully, your garden is growing. The saying is that April showers bring May flowers. Even though we have not had many April showers I hope there will be plenty of beautiful flowers for you to enjoy. It […]

Pipe Spring, Arizona

By Robert W. Olsen Jr. Pipe Spring National Monument offers an insight into the history of a little-known corner of northern Arizona. Located in the northeastern extremity of Mohave County some 10 miles south of the Utah border and slightly west of Kanab Creek, Pipe Spring has been mentioned but occasionally in the formal histories […]

PETERSON, Charles Sreeve

Mr. Powell, tried to persuade him to give up his faith or otherwise he would have to surrender his work position. He flatly told him no, as to deny his knowledge that he had received would be the greater sin. In his words, “I knew it would be a great sacrifice to me to give up my employment and the comfortable home which I appreciated so much, but to give up the principles which I had received and which I knew to be true would be a far greater sacrifice, and of the two I would choose the lesser … no position, wealth or earthly honor could move me from my convictions and purposes at that time…”

Barth Wagon Train 1864

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image source=”external_link” custom_src=”https://spartacus-educational.com/WWwagontrains4.JPG”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text] By Robert Wagstaff stories about St. Johns, arizona are many, but in the beginning brigham young and jacob hamblin from Santa Clara sent out the missionaries to prove the story of real, intelligent Indians living in permanent homes. They were called the Hopi Indians. Hamblin told them that they came

MOLEN, Jesse: The Life and Struggles

Upon arrival in Salt Lake City they had very little food or other provisions. They were required to subsist on plant roots to supplement the little other food they had. The next year they experienced the cricket infestation and lost most of their crop.
The rigors of the struggle to travel west plus chills and other conditions had taken their toll on Jess’s health.

Ledbury, Herefordshire England

This article originally appeared in Pioneer Magazine, 2010 Vo.57 No.3 Ledbury is noted as a market town in the region of southern Herefordshire, UK. Missionaries from the Quorum of the Twelve including brigham young, wilford woodruff, and Willard Richards served there for a time during their missions to Great Britain in 1840–41. In Ledbury, the […]

HILL, George Washington: Stalwart Convert and Missionary to the Indian People

The missionaries were "to labor among the Indians in Oregon country." They were instructed leave their homes and families and " to settle among the Flathead, Bannock or Shoshone Indians….teach the Indians the principles of civilization; teach them….to live in peace with each other and with the whites;….to settle down….to build houses…" (7) This mission became known as the Salmon River Mission.

Downham, England

downham is also a village of charm and historical significance to the Latter-day Saints. This quaint site has seemingly experienced little change as time has passed. In the Ribble Valley near Preston, Lancashire, england, Elder Heber C. Kimball experienced remarkable success as a missionary during his first mission in this general area in 1837–38. He […]