Can you help identify 1897 survivors of the Mormon Battalion?

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The photo above shows the 1897 survivors of the 503 men and 46 women and children who comprised the during its historic march from Fort Leavenworth to San Diego in 1846-47. This picture was taken during the 1897 Jubilee Celebration of the arrival of the Mormon pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley.

“History may be searched in vain for an equal march of infantry.”
Lt. Col Philip St. George Cooke, Commanding Officer

Each of the veterans was presented a gold medal in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of that exceptional military trek which its commanding officer, Lt. Col. Philip St. George Cooke, characterized with the statement, “History may be searched in vain for an equal march of infantry.”

Not all of those appearing in this picture have been identified, but you can help. If you know the names of any of these survivors, please provide the names in the comments below.

This picture is be on permanent display in our Na­tional Headquarters.

(A version of this story was originally published in the Jan/Feb 1982 edition of Pioneer Magazine.)

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  1. 1. Pvt. John Ritter; 2. Pvt. Ralph Briggs Douglas; 3. Pvt. Edward Bunker; 4. Melissa Burton Coray Kimball; 5. Lt. Lorenzo Clark; 6. Pvt. Christopher Layton; 7. Mary McRee Black Brown; 8. Pvt. Charles Brent Hancock; 9. Pvt. Zacheus Cheney; 10. Pvt. George Washington Hancock; 11. Pvt. John McCann Bybee; 12. Pvt. John Crown Thompson; 13. Pvt. Joseph A. Taylor; 14. Pvt. Jarvis Johnson; 15. Sgt. Reddick Newton Allred; 16. Musician Willard Gilbert Smith; 17. Pvt. Jesse Sowell Brown; 18. Cpl/Sgt. William Smith Muir; 19. Pvt. James Wright Shupe; 20. Cpl. Alexander Brown; 21. Pvt. George Washington Boyd; 22. Pvt.Oliver Gaultrey Workman; 23. Pvt. Clinton Doneral Bronson; 24. Pvt. Orin Hatch.
    [not pictured: Daniel Tyler of Company C, 1821-1906, Abner Blackburn of Company C, 1827-1904]
    Number 3 is my Great Great Grandfather.

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