Submitted by Paul Bambrough
Joseph Bambrough and Margaret Charlton were coal miners in .  They heard about opportunities in America and in 1864 arrived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Annie was born July 3, 1866 – a couple years later, two elders met with the Family – were baptized 1868. The coal company fired Father Joseph and kicked them out of the company’s housing –  thinking the “Mormon’s” were members of a cult.  The family ended up in St.  Louis and joined a wagon train for Utah. Father Joseph and Mother Margaret took turns walking – while Annie’s brother Matthew (Paul’s Grandfather) who was 6 years old walked almost the whole way to Utah.

However – Annie at 2 years old had  never been able to walk and had to ride the whole way in the wagon.  Elders promised Her parents if they came to Utah they would be blessed and Annie would walk.  They arrived July 2, 1868 at Pioneer Square, in Salt Lake City.  Annie was put down on the ground – stood for a few minutes and took her first steps.  The Bambrough’s settled in South Weber, Utah.

The William and Annie Jones family

Annie married William H. Jones on July 10, 1883. They had 12 Children  – raising 11 to adulthood.  Annie and William remained active in the Church – they were noted for their integrity, honesty, courage, faith and loyalty.

Annie Bambrough Jones died August 12, 1939 – age 73 – Buried in Pioneer Cemetery , Rigby, Idaho.

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