BACON, Guinivere Ellen Kotter

[This article first appeared in the Mar/Apr 1970 issue of Pioneer Magazine.]

First Utah Feminine Flyer

Guinivere Ellen Kotter Bacon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Kotter, learned to fly at the Airtech School of Aviation, Lindberg Field, San Diego, California and soloed Aug. 29 1929, the first woman from Utah to do so.  She was also the first to secure both the private and commercial ’s license.

Guinivere was a charter member of the Anne Lindbergh Girl Glider’s Club,—organized in San Diego in the Spring of 1930.  The club purchased a Bowlus ninety-foot span sailplane, which Col. Charles A. Lindbergh tested for them.

Anne Lindbergh, using the Club’s glider, was the first woman in the United States to qualify for third and second class glider licenses.  Guinivere was the second to qualify for the third class and third to qualify for the second class glider license. She also qualified for entrance to long distance flying contests but never used the privilege.

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