BACKMAN, LeGrand Pollard

LeGrand And Edith Backman Chosen SUP ‘Couple Of Year’ at Encampment

Le Grand and Edith Backman, active in Salt Lake City and Utah civic, fraternal, educational, cultural and religious leadership, were acclaimed SUP “Couple of 1970-71″ at the 1971 Logan SUP Encampment. Mr. Backman is former president of the of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers and a widely renowned leader in scores of community activities.

Mrs. Backman, native of Goshen, Utah is a member of the General Board of the International Women’s and holds a Normal Training School degree from Brigham Young University. She has taught school in her home town and in Draper, Utah. The Backmans celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on June 8, 1971.

The Backmans have four children; Robert L. Backman; Mary Jean (Mrs. John R. Alley); Richard P.; Beverly (Mrs. Robert E. Davis) and James H. They have 28 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

Long Church Service

Le Grand is senior member of the firm, Backman, Backman and Clark, attorneys at law.  He was admitted to the bar June 1, 1922, a graduate of the University of Utah. He served on a mission for the Church in South Africa from 1915 to 1919.

Mr. Backmans service in the Church continued following his mission to include: bishop of the 34th Ward (1921-1928); member of bishopric Yale Ward (1940-1941); mission president, , (1935-1938); bishop of Yale Ward (1940-41); stake presidency, Bonneville Stake (1941-1951); guide on Temple Square for 10 years; host at Visitors Center, Temple Square (presently).

Highest of Honors

The highest of honors have come to Mr. Backman in the realm of education. He served as a member of the Salt Lake City Board of Education (1939-1959) and was chairman at termination of his term. He was director of the Days of ’47 celebration and has been a member of the Parade Committee since 1935. He was president of his SUP chapter during 1969-1970.

Among the awards won by Le Grand in his multiple activities are: Man of the Year Award, Phi Delta Kappa 1957, in recognition of his service to public school education in Utah; Distinguished Service Award, Utah School Board Association (1961); Distinguished Service to Education, Utah Technical College (1969); Life Membership Award, National Educational Association (1957); Merit Honor Award, Emeritus Club, University of Utah Alumni Association (1971) and the Selective Service Award, the Congress of the United States.

The Backmans have traveled extensively, circumnavigating the world twice with sojourns in Africa, New Zealand, the Orient, South America, the Caribbean, western Europe and Russia.

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