Westward Ho!

This article originally appeared in the Sept/Oct 1990 issue of Pioneer Magazine Florence Youngberg Bring me men to match my mountains, Bring me men to match my plains, Men with empires in their purpose, And new eras in their brains. Picture in your mind, brigham young as a young man of about 45 years of […]


This article originally appeared in Vol.60 No.2 of Pioneer Magazine By Ronald W Andersen john reading joined the Church on July 3, 1853, and married Mary Ann Brown on May 29, 1856. She was nine years his senior and had been a member of the Church for almost 10 years. The year they married, they […]

The Southern Expansion

This article originally appeared in Vol.54, No.4 (2007) of Pioneer Magazine. by Susan Lofgren The colonization of the Church began years before the Saints entered the salt lake valley. The Prophet Joseph Smith founded more than a dozen settlements in Missouri, Illinois, and eastern Iowa. More towns were established in western Iowa and eastern Nebraska […]

STAINES, William Carter

The following article first appeared in Vol. 60 No.2 of Pioneer Magazine by Ronald W. Andersen During the first years of his residence here, William Carter Staines engaged in various avocations. As an expert gardener, Staines not only cultivated fruits and flowers upon his own premises, but superintended at one time the gardens and orchards […]

Facts about Saltair

This article originally appeared in the Jan/Feb 1971 edition of Pioneer Magazine 1883 – 1957 Built by Salt Lake capital and Salt Lake workmen. Style of architecture, Moorish. Total cost, $600,000. Built on the waters of Great Salt Lake, 4,000 feet from shore and resting on 5,000 ten-inch piling. Total length of buildings, 1,500 feet. […]

The St. George Tabernacle

This article originally appeared in Vol.53, No.1 (2006) of Pioneer Magazine. By Paul L. Anderson The St. George Tabernacle proclaims the New England roots of many Utah settlers more clearly than any other Mormon pioneer building. At first glance, it could be an eighteenth-century New England city church transported to the arid West, its walls […]

Orderville: The Experiment in Communal Living

by Martha Sonntag Bradley, University of Utah professor Mormon church leaders Brigham Young, orson pratt and others designed a religious economic order they called the “united order of Enoch.” Traveling throughout Utah Territory, Young organized settlers—in some places as wards and in other places as towns—into united orders, saying: “Our object is to labor for the […]

First Experiences in Utah

Ground was flooded and the first plowing in the valley was begun on July 23 by the advance party. The next day saw the planting of potatoes and corn, for the colonists clearly foresaw the necessity for haste if anything was to be grown in the short season left. The colony was increased materially in […]

Utah’s Jewish Pioneers

Mormons And Jews Got Along Okay In Early Days By Les Goates, Church Information service This article originally appeared in the Jan-Feb 1972 edition of Pioneer Magazine Since American Jewry entered its tercentenary in 1950’s, a number of histories have seen the light of print on the Jews in the United States, both countrywide and […]

Pioneer 14th Ward Chapel

[su_divider top=”no”] February 22, 1849 was a memorable day in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake for it marked the beginning of 19 pioneer wards, among which was the historic Fourteenth Ward bounded by North temple, Main Street, Third South and Fourth West. There is a fascinating story about this area, now fast developing […]

Lee’s Ferry

by Glen Hopkinson The cover of (the Spring 2013 issue of Pioneer Magazine, shown below) illustrates an incident that happened as the immigrants came to Lee’s Ferry and were faced with crossing the river. charles innes robson jr.—a grandson of the original Charles Innes Robson who was one of the four founders of Mesa, Arizona— […]

Pioneering and the Arts

Pioneering today can be easier with a song in our heart-a good song . . . . You can’t go wrong with a hymn. By Dr. Ray Barton, Jr. This article originally appeared in the Spring 2000 edition of Pioneer Magazine Early on, the Prophet Joseph Smith received a revelation (D&C 25) in which his […]

Gold in Them There Hills

By Hal J. Covington This article first appeared in the March/April 1992 issue of Pioneer Magazine gold! Gold! At least, when the sun strikes it right, it looks like gold. In fact, whole cliffs of the varicolored rocky conglomerate in eastern Wayne County appear to be made of gold. Could this have been a lure […]

Music and the Utah War

‘Up Awake’ Sung By pioneers As Rally Song In all of Utah’s history, the most bitterly resented act of the federal government was the sending of troops against the Territory. President Buchanan had been led to believe that his appointed territorial authorities were greeted with open rebellion in Uta, and without investigation he ordered the […]

The Making of Utah’s Dixie

This article originally appeared in Vol.54, No.4 (2007) of Pioneer Magazine. by Colleen Whitley Given the persecutions and extremities the Latter-day Saints had suffered in Missouri, Illinois, and crossing what was then called “The Great American Desert,” it was only natural that they did not want to be dependent on “outsiders” any more than was […]

Virtues of the Pioneers

by David O. McKay, Improvement Era, July 1958, 502–3 The ideals which the pioneers of our valleys of the West fostered and upheld, even under the most adverse conditions, are as applicable today in the whole earth as they were then in the Rocky Mountain settlements.   I name first their faith and reverence… A second […]

The Building of Zion

This article originally appeared in Vol.53, No.1 (2006) of Pioneer Magazine. by Richard W. Jackson On July 25, 1847, a Sunday, the Saints held their first worship services in the salt lake valley with meetings in the morning and afternoon. By the following Wednesday, brigham young and the General Authorities in the party had located […]