The Pioneers of Missouri and Illinois

A version of an address delivered Nov. 17, 1911, before the Memorial Meeting of the missouri and illinois Pioneers, originally published in The Utah Geological and Historical Magazine, January 1912. By President Francis M. Lyman This title refers to the pioneers of Zion in Missouri and Illinois, not the initial settlers of either Missouri or […]

Tribute to the Flag

By Eliza R. Snow “I love that flag. When in my childish glee— A prattling girl upon my grandsire’s knee— I heard him tell strange tales, with valor rife, How that same flag was bought with blood and life.   “And his tall form seemed taller when he said, ‘Child, for that flag, thy grandsire […]

A Chronology of Important Events: July 1887

Compiled by Andrew Jenson, Editor and Publisher of the “Historical Record” The Salt Lake Democrat, an anti-Mormon newspaper published in Salt Lake City, succumbed for the want of support, after struggling for existence a little over two years. Friday, July 1st James Lloyd, of Farmington, Davis Co., was arrested on a charge of unlawful cohabitation. […]

Prose of German Extraction

by H. Bartley Heinner This article originally appeared in the Nov/Dec 1990 Issue of Pioneer Magazine V. Vee Reynolds of the South Davis Chapter holds the position of the Bountiful Regional Director of the German extraction and Coordinator of the German, Spanish and English Extraction Programs. He states: In this capacity, I frequently run across […]

They Cast Long Shadows

by Wilma Morley Despain, Centerfield UT From The Saga of the Sanpitch, 1969 Historical Writing Contest When I meet my own— Will they look up lovingly, and say, “Well done, you took the torch— And carried it your portion-of, THE STEEP RUGGED WAY!” I, but one of many— Who have golden harvest reaped, Am I […]

Register Now for the 2022 National Encampment! BUY TICKETS HERE Encampment Brochure & Mail-In Form Keynote Speaker Entertainment Saturday Spouse’s Meeting Keynote Speaker ELDER LEGRAND R. CURTIS JR., OF THE SEVENTY Elder Curtis is the current Church historian and Recorder, Executive Director of the Church history Department, chairman of the Book of Mormon Visual Library Steering Committee, and serves on the […]

Forgotten Skills of Pioneer Gardening

By Caleb Warnock Our pioneer ancestors would recognize little of the techniques and methods used in today’s backyard gardens—and they would be puzzled by why so few families garden and spend so much money when they do. Let’s begin with the soil itself. Pioneers did not need commercial fertilizer. The soil was new, meaning it […]

Building the St George Temple

brigham young witnessed the Saints having to leave behind multiple temples all through the early years of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ history. Most painfully, Brigham Young led the Saints out of Nauvoo in 1846, abandoning the nauvoo temple that they had spent so much time and expense erecting over the preceding […]

CHAPMAN, Julia Ann

With the coming of spring, the brethren made a concerted drive to get all the Saints out of Kanesville. Other than for Julia’s health, Isaac was well equipped to travel. In the heat of the late spring, Julia gained some weight and felt pretty well. Deciding that they could safely make the trip, Isaac loaded the wagon

A Chronology of Important Events: June 1887

Compiled by Andrew Jenson, Editor and Publisher of the “Historical Record” The population of the Sandwich Islands organized and assumed control of the Hawaiian kingdom, discontinuing the Gibson ministry, etc. A number of people were killed by Indians in Arizona. Russia was visited by an earthquake, in which many people lost their lives. Floods did […]

Children of Destiny

Emily Marie Crumpton-Deason presents on Clara Decker Young, Harriet Wheeler, and Ellen Sanders Kimball Emily works for the Church history Library for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the Pioneer Content Manager for the Church History Biographical Database. She graduated with a Master of Arts in History from Utah State University in […]

ROBERTS, Owen: Welsh Convert

On Friday, May 20th, they started on the railroad for St. Joseph,
Missouri where they arrived safely; from thence they proceeded on their way up the Missouri River on the steamboat “St. Mary”. Here they were treated roughly by the crew and others. They had no where to sleep or sit, but were almost constantly compelled to stand on their feet night and day until May 26th where they landed on the banks of the Missouri River below Florence, Nebraska at which place they lodged for a while so they could fit up their teams and baggage to cross the plains to the Rocky Mountains.

A Chronology of Important Events: May 1887

Complied by Andrew Jenson, Editor and Publisher of the “Historical Record” MAY Monday, May 2 George Naylor who had served his term of imprisonment in the Utah Penitentiary for unlawful cohabitation was set at liberty. Miles Williams, of North Point, Salt Lake Co., was arrested, and the following day placed under $1,500 bonds and held under […]

Speak Your Piece | 4: Season 4, Ep. 4: The Enduring Value & Big Arguments of Laurel T. Ulrich’s Book “A House Full of Females” (2017)

February 7, 2022 (Season 4, Episode 4: 67 minutes long), click here for the Utah Department of Culture & Community Engagement's fuller version with complete show notes, for this Speak Your Piece episode. American historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's influential 2017 book A House Full of Females: Plural Marriage and Women's Rights in Early Mormonism,1835-1870 (Vintage […]