DURFEE, Edmund

The mob told them to go back. Edmund Durfee hesitated and pleaded for them to allow him to put out the fire and the mob shot him down. They took his body and set it up against some hay and three or four of the mob shot him to make sure he was dead.

COX, Orville Southerland

Occasionally, the monotony of the bellows was broken in other ways. For example: At one time, oxen were brought to the shop to be shod that had real hard hoofs, called “glassy hoof.” Whenever Deacon undertook to drive a nail in, it bent. Cox straightened nails over and over, as nails were precious articles in those days, and must not be discarded because they were bent. After a while, the boy said, “Let me.” He shod the ox without bending a nail. Thereafter, Cox shod all the oxen with one and all that came to the shop.

BURT, William

ANCESTOR STORIES OF WILLIAM BURT, A MASTER plasterer Submitted by F. Alan Turner William Burt, my 4th great grandfather did much of the decorative plastering on the manti temple.  But the interesting story about him is that in 1864 in the middle of building the Salt Lake Theatre in Salt Lake City, the building was […]

GIFFORD, Ursula Curtis Durfee

URSULA CURTIS DURFEE GIFFORD is from a righteous line. Her father preached the first sermon that Brigham Young ever heard and he was instrumental in this great Church leader’s conversion. Ursula’s second husband’s father (Alpheus Gifford) was also present during this missionary trip along with her Uncle elial strong and a couple other brethren. Heber […]

SMITH, Mary Ann

I was born in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, May 14, 1841, the youngest daughter of hyrum smith, Patriarch, who was martyred in Carthage Jail. I am the only sister to joseph fielding smith; we are the only two children of mary fielding, second wife of Hyrum Smith, my father. I was three years old when […]

CLARK, Joseph

Written by Daughter Hannah C. Pike My father, Joseph Clark, was born in Clinton County, Ohio, April 26, 1828. His Parents, Samuel and Rebecca Garner Clark, were sturdy pioneers. He was fortunate in being raised in a large family of children, his parents having thirteen sons and daughters. His early life was spent on a […]


Submitted by F. Martell Grover Thomas Grover was born 22nd of July 1807 in Whitehall, New York.  His family lived on the northern end of Whitehall which was at the south end of Lake Champlain.  At this time moving goods by water ways was big with the Erie Canal.  In 1820, Thomas (age 13) was […]

WEEKS, Allen

Submitted by Keith Lawrence In 1852 the weeks company, led by Allen Weeks crossed the plains with 241 Latter-day Saints.  In the company were Allen Weeks’ wife, Sarah Jane Bennett and members of her family, including Sister Weeks’ mother and her younger brother, Eli, and Eli’s new bride, Louisa. When Allen Weeks was called to […]

WELLS, Daniel Hanmer

Submitted by Bradley Clayton, Great-Great-Grandson of Daniel Hanmer Wells Born October 27th, 1814 in upstate New York, Daniel H. Wells was the grandson of two veterans of the American Revolutionary War.  Both his fathers and mothers families emigrated from England to Massachusetts colony in 1635.  Daniel received formal education and followed in his father’s footsteps […]

FRANKS, Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann Franks and George Padley: A Love Story Submitted by Michael Jordan Born: 05/09/1832, Shepshed, Leicestershire, England Died: 01/31/1911, Murray, Utah Sarah Ann Franks was born 9 May 1832, at Shepshed, Leicestershire, England, to Joshua Franks and Sarah Stanley, the third of nine children. She was not able to receive much education as she […]

BINGHAM, Sanford

Submitted by John Elggren, Great-Great-Grandson of Benjamin Franklin Lewis      Sanford Bingham, first son of Erastus and Lucinda (Gates) Bingham, born in Concord, Essex, Vermont, 3 May 1821. He married (1) Martha Ann Lewis, daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Joanna (Ryon) Lewis and (2) Agnes Ann Fife, daughter of Adam and Ellen (Helen) (Sharp) Fife. […]

HULSE, Charles Wesley

Submitted by Bill Morgan Born: 10/01/1822, Manchester, Lancashire, England Died” 01/07/1882, Millville Cache, Utah Territory This morning FamilySearch sent a link to me telling that 56-year-old Job Ebenezer Hulse had come to America in search of religious freedom. Job Ebenezer Hulse was not my director ancestor but his brother, Charles Wesley Hulse, was. Their father […]

WHITNEY, Samuel A.

Submitted by Bill Morgan, Timpanogos Chapter of SUP, American Fork, UT Date of Birth 11/10/1840 Place of Birth Palmyra, Warren, Ohio Date of Death 03/16/1923 Place of Death Millville, Cache, Utah Territory   peg leg sam and the pony express Part way up Sardine canyon, between Brigham City and Logan, is the tiny town of […]

PETERSON, Charle Sreeve

Submitted by: William “Bill” Morgan, Timpanogos Chapter, SUP Born: 7/28/1818 in Mount Holly, Burlington, New Jersey Died: 9/26/1889, Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona Charles S. Peterson is buried in Mesa, Arizona alongside his third wife Ann Patten Peterson, both showing Faith in Every Footstep markers. Nearby is the grave of his fifth wife, Mary Martha Thompson Peterson, […]

The Approach of Danger

This government must be preserved, in spite of the acts of any man or set of men. No where in the world is there presented a government of so much liberty and equality. To the humblest and poorest among us are held the highest privileges and positions. What constitutes the bulwark of our liberty and […]