August 5, 2020 Message from the SUP National Executive Committee

All members should have received the 2020 ballot for voting for our National President-elect.  You have two excellent candidates from which you will have a difficult choice to choose one.  Read their statements and the answers they gave to the five questions compiled from members’ suggestions and then make your choice.  Make sure your ballot is postmarked no later than midnight August 31.

Choosing a president-elect is important so give it your careful consideration.  The results will be announced to the Board at the 6:00 p.m. Board Meeting on September 16 and will be sent immediately after the meeting by way of the Newsletter to the membership.  This will be exciting news so please watch for it.

We are going to wait until October 7th, following LDS Semi-annual Conference, to decide when we will hold the swearing in ceremony for new officers.   Conference announcements and directions will give us the best guidance available regarding what decisions we should make about future meetings.   If need be, we can do the formal swearing-in via zoom.

, our current President-elect, will begin writing the President’s message for the Trail Marker after October 1, the President’s message in the Pioneer beginning in the fourth quarter, he will also conduct meetings, and be in charge of the Newsletters and Pioneer Stories for the Newsletter after October 1.

is anxious to become part of the Past-presidents’ council.  Whoever is elected as the new president-elect will begin attending Executive Council meetings led by Brad Clayton, President, Wayne Hinton, Past-president, and John Elggren, National Treasure, plus Board, and other meetings staring September 23rd even though formal swearing-in will not have taken place.

The new issue of the Pioneer on Utah County has either arrived or is in the mail.  It is an issue that will make you proud to be a part of Sons of Utah Pioneers.  It will be a significant addition to the entertaining and enlightening issues you have become accustomed to receiving and reading.  My issue arrived at 12:00 on August 4.  I sat down and  read it cover to cover before putting it down.

The COVID pandemic has cost our organization thousands of dollars in lost revenues.  Much of our yearly budget is derived from building rentals.  We will have our first small group rent the building during the second week of September; this will be the first rental since last March.  Usually our building is rented out almost every weekday or night for various activities, but not this year.  The result is that we have had to transfer $30,000 from our Tower Reserve Fund to cover our expenses for the remainder of 2020.   It is most fortunate that two years ago we were able to rent the roof space on the National Office Building for cell tower purposes.   With this transfer the Tower funds will be reduced to $110,000.  We hope it will be the last transfer for the year.

If we can resume full utilization of the building under Linda Sorenson’s able direction, and if we can hold our usual functions that bring in revenue such as the Symposium, the National Encampment and some of our dinners, we will be able to meet all expenses for the coming year.  Much of our expenditures are a result of fixed cost which we can do little to reduce, therefore, we need to bring our revenues back to previous levels.  We are hopeful of doing that.

Members, we encourage you to submit your pioneer stories for publication in the Newsletter and for the monthly Trail Marker.  Those for the Trail Marker are to be directed to David Hinton at For the Newsletter send your stories to  Remember that the Trail Marker is a permanent SUP publication and will continue after the pandemic has ended.  The Newsletter is a temporary weekly endeavor to help keep you informed about SUP.  All longer Pioneer Stories should be directed to David Hinton as the Newsletter is limited in the number of words we publish.

Stay well, remember to vote, and remember your pioneer ancestors.  We thank you for your continual support and involvement in the National Society of Sons of Utah Pioneers.

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