August 12, 2020 Message from the SUP National Executive Committee

All members should have received a ballot for voting for our National President-elect.  It is gratifying to see the high percentage of return.  On just one day, August 4th, the National Office received 156 ballots.  On August 10 another 287 ballots were delivered.  Thank you for your interest and participation.  I am sure and are grateful for your heightened interest in this year’s voting.   The level of interest is reflective of the wonderful qualifications of our two candidates.

In our last Executive Council meeting we made decisions relative to transiting to newly elected officers which we desire to share with members.  On September 16, the election results will be shared with the membership.  The current Executive Council will meet with the new president-elect at National Headquarters during the Zoom Board Meeting and conduct the swearing in ceremony in person.  We will wear masks and will socially distance.  Had we been able to hold the National Encampment, the transition would have taken place September 19.  It is our desire to stay as near as we can to a normal schedule.  Under the circumstances of the pandemic, this is the best we can do this year.

There has been some unfortunate misunderstanding among new members registering for membership and some current members renewing membership.  The website to use for signing up for SUP membership is .  Some have gone to the SUP online website.  SUP online is a new resource of specialty content not available elsewhere.  It does carry the Trail Marker, Newsletters, great information regarding monuments, and other history resources, etc.  Through the year 2020 SUP members can join SUP online free of charge.

In 2021 Members can join SUP online but there will be a $1.00 a month charge or $12.00 per year.  For those who join SUP online and who are not SUP members the charge is $48.00 a year.  SUP online was designed to give opportunities for those not affiliated with SUP access to information about SUP, to do research, and perhaps, through the interest that is developed, become dues paying SUP members.  SUP online membership is open to anyone who signs on and pays the annual dues.  It is an important new vehicle to acquaint people worldwide with the National Society of Sons of Utah Pioneers and to build good will.

The National Office website, connects you to the SUP store, is the site for Pioneer magazine subscriptions, carries the Trail Maker, Pioneer Stories, the newsletters, etc.  It is also the membership site for both new membership and for renewing membership.

For contacting the National Office please use our new e-mail address .   If you have questions or concerns about SUP, use this site and Pat Cook will make sure your concerns are directed to the proper person to resolve your issues.

Some in attempting to join or renew SUP membership have gone to SUP online and registered as nonmembers paying $48.00 a year.  We are working to rectify and reverse those charges.  If any of you have joined SUP online for $48.00 a year, please let us know at the National Office so that fee can be returned to you.

Derek Rowley, the webmaster for SUP online, is providing a link that will take you directly to and Chad Stowell is providing a link that will take you directly from to SUP online.  These two links will hopefully help overcome confusion and give you easy and quick access to either website.

Remember that regular SUP membership is $60.00 a year, plus we do have Lifetime membership and Friends and Family membership.  Be sure to register for the category which applies and which you desire.  Our website will direct you to the proper forms for joining SUP.

Hopefully, you are enjoying the current issue of Pioneer with articles detailing some of the history of Utah County.  Our next issue will carry articles regarding the history of southern Utah County.  Obviously, even in two issues, we cannot carry all the exciting and faith promoting stories of Utah County.

In closing this week’s Newsletter, I would like to share a story provided by Keith Lawrence regarding the first settlers of in Utah County.

Although settled in 1852, the fort was not built until 1856 as a defense during the .  One of the first families to settle in Cedar Valley was that of and his wife .  Both had been taught by missionaries and baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ in 1838.  In the early summer of 1846, Weeks and his family were forced from Nauvoo.  They had only traveled as far as Soap Creek—about eighty miles northwest of Nauvoo—when Sarah Jane fell desperately ill.  One evening, she called her husband to her bedside and demanded,

“Allen, is there no faith in the camp?  Without help I cannot stand it, I must die.  I want you to administer to me by the laying on of hands.”

After calling his family together for a family prayer, Weeks recorded,

“I laid hands on her in the name of Jesus Christ, and asked His blessings upon her, and she was blessed and the fever immediately left her.”

Weeks continued,

“On Sunday morning next, being the 5th of July, we went on our journey and arrived at Mt. Pisgah [about ninety-five miles from Soap Creek] on July 10th.”

One day after arriving in Salt Lake in the summer of 1852 Allen Weeks and his family were called with a few other families to settle Cedar Valley. In the fall of 1853 Brother Weeks was ordained the first bishop of the Cedar Valley [later Cedar Fort] Ward.

The great faith and willingness to sacrifice for the gospel sake demonstrated by Allen and Sarah Weeks is only one example of the commitment our pioneer forefathers and mothers displayed in settling Utah.  Let us all honor their examples by doing all in our power to be exemplary to the rising generation.

Stay safe and have an excellent week.

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