AUDIO: Dr. Donald Hinton, on taking the Restored Gospel to Asia

Dr. Donald Ray Hinton was born in Hurricane, Utah and married to Ada Lu Fuller.  They have 6 children and “almost” 25 grandchildren.  He served a mission to Hong Kong as a young man and as mission president there in 2000-2003.  Dr. Hinton received his Ph.D. in Interpersonal Communication and Oral Interpretation from Southern Illinois University; was professor of Communication and coach of the Dixie College/Dixie State University Forensic Squad for 25 years, and served as 6 years as Department Chair, and 11 years as Dean, including a short time as Acting Vice-President of Academics.

Dr. Hinton spoke first about the rising tide of LDS Church membership in mainland China.  He masterfully led us through the history of the Church in all of , and the difficulties encountered with several failed attempts before it took hold.

3 thoughts on “AUDIO: Dr. Donald Hinton, on taking the Restored Gospel to Asia

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. Sometime I hope to meet Don Hilton. I served a mission in the Southern Far East Mission from June 1966 – December 1968, under President Keith Garner and President Brent Hardy. My companion in the Mission Home in SLC was Gordon Lowe, who years later was called to serve as the Mission President in Hong Kong. I also have a son who served in Hong Kong. I initially served in the Hong Kong Zone for a short time and then was assigned to the Taiwan Zone. In March 1968, I was serving as the branch president in Kao Hsiung, Taiwan, when I was summoned to Hong Kong to get a visa to help open up the country of Singapore to the gospel. After a delay, I finally got my visa and four of us headed to Singapore, arriving 1 July 1968. Thank you President Hinton for this presentation — I lived a good part of this.

    My wife and I served a mission to the Massachusetts Boston Mission (Dec 2016 – July 2018). We served in the mission office, and were assigned to the Chinese Branch (Kensington Square Branch). All meetings were conducted in Mandarin and there were several Chinese students from the PRC who joined the Church and some of them got married to each other in the Temple.

  2. I served in the Southern Far East, Hong Kong-Taiwan and Taiwan Missions from June 1969-July 1971, all in Taiwan, showing the growth in Asia in that time period with mission divisions. My mission presidents were Brent Hardy and Malan Jackson (who is still alive at this time). Upon returning, I was immediately called as a stake missionary to the Chinese students in the Asian Branch at BYU, so I had almost a four-year mission. I have been back to Taiwan, Hong Kong and China several times since. My sons have served missions in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Japan, so my family has a lot of love for Asia and the Saints there.

    Thanks for this presentation, Brother Hinton. I attended the annual SFE mission reunions in Bountiful until they ended, but I don’t remember if I have met you. It was a pleasure to serve in the relatively early days of the permanent Church presence in Asia.

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