This article originally appeared in Vol.65, No.2 (2018) of Pioneer Magazine.

Samuel Aston (1815-1890) sits in the door of his cabin, with his family.

Samuel Ashton and his wife Mary Bunting Ashton came across the ocean on the ship Horizon. They crossed the plains with a handcart company and arrived in the Salt Lake Valley November 30, 1856, where they stayed for a few years. In 1862 they moved to Kaysville and built a log cabin by the mountain road in East Kaysville.

Small of stature, Samuel Ashton was handicapped with poor health and was incapable of performing heavy manual labor. His wife was a competent doctor and midwife, so she supported the family by delivering babies and caring for the ill. Samuel was an early stay-at-home father who took care of the home and yard. While it took many years to accomplish, the Ashtons’ yard became well-known for its beautiful beds of petunias, portulaca plants (moss roses), and many other flowers.

See Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Phillips Camp Biographies (Allen to Barton).

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