By now you should be enjoying the first quarter-issue of the Pioneer.

On Friday the May Trail Marker will also be available. Both are informative and for your reading enjoyment.  As you read the Trail Marker, notice that it contains nomination forms for National President-elect and registration forms and information regarding the National Encampment at Rexburg to be held from September 17 to 19.  You are urged to seriously consider individuals for nomination and it is hoped you are planning to attend the Encampment.

Since last Wednesday we have received a nomination for President-elect, and have had conversations with two other potential candidates.   Do not let that dissuade anyone from making nominations.   It is a privilege to be nominated and interviewed by the election committee, even more of a privilege to be selected to run for president-elect.

LaRon Taylor, who has worn two hats, one as an AVP and the other as the Pioneer Stories Director, has found it necessary to resign the Pioneer Stories Director position. His resignation has been accepted with deep regret; he has been dedicated and effective.

Because of LaRon’s resignation, we are putting out a call for a nominee, or a volunteer for the position of Pioneer Stories Director.   It will involve attendance at monthly Board Meetings, receiving Pioneer Stories by e-mail, preparing them for submission by reading and editing as needed, and submitting them to Chad Stowell for publication in the Trail Marker within four or five days of the Trail Marker going out to the membership on the first day of each month.

Hopefully, many of you have signed onto online.   If you have not, you are urged to do so.  Just click on the invitation to join and follow the instructions.  You will find much valuable material, including a that will soon be available for viewing.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Executive Council has approved some adjustments to requirements to qualify for chapter Awards of Recognition and Excellence during the calendar year .  In place of the requirement to meet monthly in chapter meetings, the requirement is to have contact with chapter members each month by e-mail, newsletter, or other means.  The number of treks required will be reduced by the percent of months that we remain in social distancing.  We have already missed any opportunity for a in March, April and most likely for May, or one quarter of the year.  Required treks would, therefore, be reduced by one-fourth.  A chapter can also qualify for the trek requirement by having 50 % of its chapter membership activate the invitation to join SUP online sometime before the end of 2020.

The National Office was successful in receiving a grant from the Payroll Protection Act which will assist in paying and benefits for SUP National Office employees over the next few months.  The amount was a little short of what was applied for, but it is significant and will be very helpful.

The plan is to move forward with the Vision Trek.  You can add your and prayers to ours that it may go forward as planned.  You will be informed if the trek is going to be possible.  A new date for full payment is June 1. Of course, if it becomes necessary to cancel the trek, your down payment will be refunded.

In this challenging time, stay well and stay connected to SUP.  National Officers thank all of you for all you do to honor not only your own ancestors, but also other faithful pioneers.

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