SIVERTSDATTEN, Annie Rasmussen: Letter to Parents in Norway

SIVERTSDATTEN, Annie Rasmussen: Letter to Parents in Norway The following is a letter from Annie Rasmussen Sivertsdatter to her parents in . [Annie was also known as Annie Trondheim].

Fairview, Utah January 12, 1871

I will begin by sending a greeting to you for a Happy New Year from your daughter, Anne. Dear Father and Mother, I want to thank you for the sweet Christmas gift that you sent my two elder sons. Such an unexpected gift and such happiness that filled my heart that I cannot describe it. Thanks, dear folks, for the two pretty spoons that shall be kept as a remembrance for the grandparents in Norway. I had not expected such an expensive gift as those silver spoons, but I am more thrilled to think that you are thinking about me and my sons, than just the value of the silver spoons. And thanks, Father, for the lock of your hair that you sent to me. It really brought tears to my eyes to see it and how gray it has become since I left you some 13 or 14 years ago if I remember correctly. And you can certainly imagine how I have changed since you last saw me. I will be 36 now on the 19th of April. Time goes so fast and you can imagine just how my sons have grown and they speak of you so often. You would be very pleased with them if you could see them, but that is almost an impossibility.

As I mentioned in letter to Moster I have just had another son. He will be 1 year old now on the 10th of May. His name is Ingebrigt; You probably think that his strange, Father, that I haven’t named any of my sons after you, but I shall tell you how I feel about this. I have been here in Utah for 8 years and during that time I have only received one single letter from you and I have felt as though you must have almost forgotten about me. At least that you think very little of me. This may be due to my leaving you at Skaun and taking this course which brought me to Utah and which you deemed as senseless and directly against your win, and with this in mind, Father, I haven’t felt right about naming my sons after you. However now when I hear that you do think about me and do not hate the teachings of God, I feel very happy. And it may still be that if I am blessed with other sons, which I believe will happen, as this is my mission here on earth, I yet may feel that I should call a son by your name. Father, be not displeased with me because I love you and wish you well always. And also Mother for the kindness she has shown me. She shall not lose her reward for the kindness she shows to me and my sisters and to the servants of the Lord as I have heard through letters that she had befriended these servants or Elders.

We have thought of sending you a portrait of our children this summer if we can get to Salt Lake City. Mother, I was very pleased to receive the picture of your son and as everyone says, I have a very handsome half-brother. Mother, please fulfill my desire by sending me a portrait of you and Father. How that would thrill me, but maybe it is too much for me to ask for you as the times are hard indeed.

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