McKAY, Emma Riggs: A Tribute to Emma Riggs

At the request of my brother, Harold H. Jenson, SUP historian, I would like to pay tribute to my former Sunday School teacher, , whose recent death brought deep sorrow to the hearts of many. The charming and talented wife of our late President and Prophet David O. McKay, she was the ideal and inspiration of all the women of Mormondom.

Emma Riggs McKay

She was head of our Sunday Class for boys and girls in the old 17th Ward in what was later the amusement hall. It was here she met her husband and all the class members shed tears when she gave up the class upon becoming the bride of the popular David O.

Mrs. McKay was a wonderful teacher. She dramatized many of her lessons, since visual aids, as we have them now, were unknown. She was not only lovely to look upon in her immaculate dress, but her constant smile and graciousness set an example for all of us girls.

Our class grew pleasingly under her leadership and we never missed a lesson, even as she never missed a Sunday in giving it. A class photo, enhances the preciousness of our memories of this choice experience with our beloved teacher. She has now gone to join her companion but her sweet character, gracious, kindly deeds and love for us all, will never be forgotten.

—Eva Jenson Olson, age 82 Church Historian’s Office

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This article originally appeared in the Jan/Feb 1971 issue of Pioneer Magazine

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