Well, that was fun!

This was a website that many folks came to see

It was a hub of information, history, and genealogy

But sadly, it’s now gone, closed down by the SUP

Their leadership apparently deemed it unworthy


The website was a treasure trove of stories and tales

Of brave pioneers who braved the trails

Their struggles and triumphs, their sorrows and their joys

All was shared here for the SUP boys


But the Board found no value, it seems

With a site full of stories and video streams

When I asked for some access and help then they said

Nothing. I got sheer silence instead.


But perhaps one day, it may rise again

And pioneers’ stories can be shared and then

Preserved for future generations to learn and appreciate

The sacrifices and struggles of those who came before us, so great


If that is to be it will require the powers 

Of one who is willing to give money and hours

Cause they wasted the willingness of this volunteer

I gave it my best without support or cheer.


End of Trail Sign


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